What’s the Future Like for Lamelo Ball

Staff Writer: Brenden J. Foo

The Ball family has been very well-known throughout the past few months, with Lonzo being drafted to the Lakers and Liangelo going to UCLA, but there is something that they did a few weeks ago that may top both of these things. The youngest of all the Ball brothers, Lamelo, was pulled out of high school to be taught and trained by his Father Lavar for the rest of his high school years. This came as a shock to many people. Every Ball brother has played all four years at Chino Hills high school and went from UCLA after that. 

Lamelo has always been an outstanding basketball player ever since he was young.  Even though he was a few years younger than his brothers, he always played on

Chino Hills YEEYEE

LaMelo running point gaurd for Chino Hills his Sopmhmore year. Courtesy of: Creative Commons Gathered by: Naudia Jahoda

the older AAU teams with his brothers instead of just playing at his grade level. He also played Varsity basketball for his high school as a freshman, averaging 16.4 points and 3.8 assists. College scouts have stated that, “Ball has the size, length and skill of a high major point guard,” which shows that he could be a valuable asset to any coll
ege te
am. There is one thing that could be stopping him from obtaining a scholarship though.  


The Ball family has their own brand of clothing and shoes called Big Baller Brand. Evan Donnely, a senior from Woodstock, said, “The shirt was worth every penny,” which shows how much people enjoy the brand. The Lonzo has already released a pair of shoes called the ZO2s, and since Liangelo is in college he hasn’t been able to release any. Lamelo on the other hand, has just released a pair of shoes, which might ruin his chances of going to college for Athletics. It is an NCAA rule that players of any sport can’t be selling anything with 

LaMelo Shoes

Lamelo showing off his new shoes that he released through his family brand. Courtesy of: Creative Commons Gathered by: Naudia Jahoda

their name on it or made by them to make a profit, while they are attending college. Since Lamelo already has his own pair of shoes, it’s going to be nearly impossible for him to play for any team in college. 

Lavar Ball has said that his main goal is, “To get all of my boys into the NBA playing for the Lakers.” This may seem like an impossible goal to overcome but he is already 33% of the way there by getting Lonzo on the Lakers this past draft. He may have just made it even harder by making Lamelo not eligible to play in college. The most likely scenario for Lavar is homeschooling and training Lamelo for baketball, and then sending him to a development league instead of college. Then after all of that, he will send him into the draft and hope Lamelo gets drafted. 


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