Woodstock v. Etowah, A Rivalry Like No Other

Staff Writer: Kate O’Brien
The Woodstock-Etowah rivalry has been an ongoing tradition since the late 90’s when both schools opened their doors. If you live any inside or even somewhat close to Cherokee County, you have heard of these schools the fiercest rivalry in the state of Georgia. It is a local tradition that students, players, parents, and many others come together to experience together.  “I miss going to the games, it was so fun to rush onto the field after a win, and you rarely get to do that at a college football game.” (Alex Nani, Woodstock High School Alum) 

The two schools have been rivaling since they both opened their doors. Both schools battling for bragging rights over their shared street- Towne Lake Parkway. Just minutes, barely even two miles from one another, the rivalry grows stronger as the year’s increase. Everyone in the Woodstock area knows about these two schools, and everyone shows up to watch as the two teams battle it out- waiting and watching to see who will come out on top, and be able to have bragging rights for the following year.  

The Woodstock-Etowah game is one that brings together the Towne Lake Community into one that is like no other. Although the game provides a great deal of division, the schools make it a point to come together as one, to give a great example of unity and togetherness. The schools, in the midst of so much ‘friendly’ trash talk and hatred, come together each year to raise money in support of St. Jude- a charity that provides cost-free medical care to its patients. Compared to all of the suspense and rivalry the game provides, it is admirable to see the two schools coming together as one to support such a great cause! 

As the annual game comes closer and closer, the suspense grows every day as the two schools prepare for the biggest and most attended game of the season. Each and every year, students from both schools pour into the stadium to watch a game they’ve been looking forward to for an entire year. Hundreds and hundreds of people attend each year, cheering and yelling for their schools, the game is a fun event for all to attend. “I love the game because it lets the whole town know how hard we’ve worked because everyone goes to the game.” (Andrew Andon, Junior and Football Player at WHS) 

For the last two years, Woodstock has won the annual Woodstock-Etowah game, taking the win as well as major bragging rights for the town. Woodstock beat Etowah 38-35 this year, and the previous year 35-7. The two schools are now tied in wins against one another- so next year’s game will be one to watch to see who will come out on top, and as Woodstock hopes to continue their new winning streak.   


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