Cavs Find Instant Depth in a Once Thought Chaotic Offseason

Staff Writer: Ramon Elortondo

In an off-season that was full of storylines and huge free agency signings, maybe the biggest surprise of the NBA this summer came from the top two teams in the Eastern Conference. The summer of blockbuster deals continued on a Thursday when Cleveland sent their star point guard Kyrie Irving to Boston. In return, the Boston Celtics sent all-star point guard and top three scorer in the NBA last year Isaiah Thomas, along with small forward Jae Crowder and Ante Zizic. All in exchange for a single player, Kyrie Irving.

Isaiah Thomas was incredible last year. Thomas finished third in scoring averaging 28.9 points per game. In addition to his impressive scoring outburst, he accompanied the points with 5.9 assists per game. Those stats helped Thomas finish 5th in MVP voting. Just one spot behind new teammate and best player in the league, LeBron James.

Jae Crowder is known as a “three and D” kind of player as he’s known in his years in the NBA. Last season, Crowder averaged 13.9 points and 5.8 rebounds and shot 39.8% from three-point range. Coach Lue said he was expecting to player Crowder alongside James in the starting lineup, but having both Thomas and Jae now, the various kinds out lineups coach can put together is something to marvel about.

LeBron James

King James (pictured above) said in a press conferernce that he will no longer give his former teammate Kyrie Irving advice. Photo courtesy of creative commons. Gathered by Ramon Elortondo.

But maybe the most important part of the trade is the final piece that made it easy for the Cavs general manager to pull the trigger. Boston also sent the Nets 2018 unprotected first round pick. Not only did this trade LeBron and the Cavaliers assets for the present, but also building blocks for the future. Building blocks that could alter the King’s decision to stay it take his talents elsewhere the summer of 2018. Having the pick come from such a bad franchise in the Brooklyn Nets, it assures the Cavs front office they are getting a pick worth something. Not being in the lottery is out of the question, but maybe this 2018 first round pick could turn into the number one overall selection in that year’s draft.


The newest addition of the Cavs sent from Boston (pictured above) said they felt betrayed by Boston’s GM Ainge, but are onto their new chapter and are ready to compete. Photo courtesy of creative commons. Gathered by Ramon Elortondo.

I asked Will Callahan, a Woodstock junior and fanatic of the NBA, what he thought about the acquisition of the draft pick. “They are about to be stacked! If Lebron decides to stay and everyone they got in the trade is still on the team, watch out. Michael Porter Jr. Is supposed to be the top prospect that year, and if they get the number one overall pick, it’s over. He’s a beast.”

Cleveland’s biggest problem wasn’t competing with the Warriors when their starters were not on the floor, rather it was the complete opposite. When Lebron and Kyrie went to the bench for rest, that’s when the Warriors would strike hardest and go on their infamous runs where they would score a plethora of points in a short period of time. This trade, and offseason has aided this team in their most venerable spot of all. Adding Dwyane Wade moves instant offense J.R. Smith to the bench. The once MVP caliber player Derrick Rose now backs up Isaiah in a year where he is out to prove himself the he is still the player he once was.

Compared to what the Celtics got from the trade and what they had to give up, I think the Cavs blew the roof off with the trade and won it outright. Boston lost a numerous number of key players, starters and bench players, that I don’t think will be made up by Kyrie.

When asked about who he thought had won the trade, Chris Carroll, a Woodstock junior said, “I think the Celtics got the best player in the trade, but the Cavs got Isaiah who is not much worse, plus Jae. I also think the Celtics lost too many key players in order to make the money work for Kyrie. All in all, I think the Cavs won the trade.”

The Cavaliers must take advantage of their once thought chaotic offseason, and find a way to excel on the court with their new and improved team.






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