Has Social Media Messed Up Our Society Today?

Staff writer: Samuel Snyder 

This Question is a very talked about topic when it comes to our society. Many people believe that social media is the worst thing that’s happened to our world today, while others think that social media has brought people together and done our society well. 

social media

Today’s Social media has taken over teens, children, and even some adults lifes. Here is the most popular of them. (Photo courtesy of  Creative Commons, Gathered by Paityn Waller.)


The way I look at it is social media is great, and I personally use it a little too much then I should, but I think it is something that has ruined our society socially. It has caused people not to have actual civilized conversations face-to-face. It has also caused people to be distracted when trying to be talked to. 

I think social media is something that can be a fun hobby, but our society has been abusing it and making it not fun, but more of a lifestyle. There is many things that could make social media a good thing, but there are too many bad things about it that make it not. For example, social media is a perfect spot for the infamous cyber bullying. You can’t deny that social media has increased the rate of cyber bullying by a whopping amount. 


People spend so much time on thier phones, which is demonstrated here. (photo coutesy of Creative Commons, gathered by Paityn Waller.)


Another reason social media is ruining our society is the lack of privacy that it gives you. People on social media believe that posting personal things on Instagram and Snapchat is okay, but anyone can find out anything about you or your family. There are too many stalkers or fake accounts, and posting personal facts can get you in huge trouble, which makes social media even worse than you think. 

Social media has caused the teens of our society be way different than any other generation before. It has caused people to care all about how they look on the “gram” and that’s all they care about. Also, people don’t care for how they look in person they rather flash their self on their snapchat story or Instagram story. 

So, when I wrap it all up, even though I love social media dearly and think it’s fun entertainment, it has taken over all of our social society. There is too much to bring social media down then to bring social media up, and that’s why it has to go. 


  1. A pet peeve of mine is that the hundreds of articles on social media bashing social media very rarely give any of the positives limelight. You mention here that there are positives but never give any examples or try to refute the other sides argument. For example, no one ever mentions how much of a game changer being so thoroughly connected social media makes us. It gives you a way to preserve and make new friends and make new connection. Suddenly you can meet people from across the country, even across the world when before your social interactions were severely limited to your general area.
    Having access to the world and getting a glimpse in others lives can introduce so many new ideas and new communities! I still remember my little sixth grade self excitedly talking about her favorite book on her first social media platform when nobody else around her cared to read it. That intense joy many feel is often ignored by those who think social media is all showing off and selfies. Even then selfies aren’t necessarily a bad thing! Sometimes that *one* selfie can give you just the boost of confidence you need. Either way, it ‘s doubtful that social media is leaving anytime soon.

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