HOCO WEEK 2017!!!!

Staff Writer: Alonna Wood

It’s homecoming week at Woodstock High School, a week were students dress up each day according to the theme. Thursday’s theme was “character day” where as students dressed up as their favorite character which could be either a role model to them, someone from a favorite television show or movie, or someone who inspired them.

Kayla mann-11th grade, dressed up as Ham from sandlot, ” I dressed up as Ham from the sandlot along with many of my friends who dressed up as the rest of the baseball team and wore the outfits of the other characters. I did this because, I have always loved this movie and thought it would be fun to recreate the Sandlot. The Sandlot is a classic movie that almost everyone has seen or heard of, so I knew other


Kayla and her friends dressed up as the baseball group from the classic movie sandlot . Photo courtesy: Icsis Washington

people would like the idea as well. It was a simple costume that didn’t require going out to buy specific things to go along with the outfit, so pretty much anyone could dress up as the characters easily. Overall, it was cute, comfy, cost effective, and a very fun idea, which made my character day a blast!!!!”


Sophie and Lenna as mean girls from the movie. Photo courtesy : Icsis Washington

Sophie and Lenna –9th grade, mean girl, ” we chose Mean girls because we thought it was an iconic movie and we wanted to make it realistic. We wanted to make it feel like we were a part of the movie”, Lenna said. ” I thought my personality was a lot like Regina George and Lenna’s was more like Gretchen and saying things that made absolutely no sense and saying words that would never be considered fetch enough”, said Sophie.

Mia – 9th grader, (girl with bagels on a stick) ” I chose my outfit for character day because It’s based off of my


Mia and Isaac dressed up as the smoothie man and Handy Mandy. Photo courtesy: Icsis Washington

favorite television show Icarly. I also thought it was cool and I saw a picture on twitter of someone else dressed up as the smoothie man and I thought it would be awesome to try and remake the picture I saw. I wanted my character day to be iconic that’s why I dressed up as what I did.

Isaac –9th grader, Handy Mandy” I chose this character, because when I was a kid I loved this show. I thought it was a really simple and easy look as well, I also thought I could pull it off with the yellow gloves and measuring tape. I knew a lot of people would also like it and think it was funny. Handy Mandy was the best character I could’ve chose and I’m glad I did”. because I love it”.


Students dressed up as their favorite characters. Photo courtesy: Icsis Washington

Interviewing the kids was a lot of fun to get to see why some kids chose what they did, because there is always a reason to why everyone does what they do. Homecoming week at Woodstock Highschool was a blast, and the students really seemed to enjoy every moment of it and to participate.

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