Senior year. Live it.

Staff writer: Jayigh Ewing

Real talk time. Unless you’ve been in a coma since August senior year is here at last for most. This year is our last at Woodstock high school. Now I know we’ve heard it time and time again that this is it; the end of our high school career, and the beginning of our lives as adults. “This year is going to fly by”, Kate Roquez (former senior of Woodstock). “Stock up on ramen for college”, Randy Nguyn (former freshman). Comments like this are heard on a daily. This year feels like we are on a raft traveling down a rushing river with no control. We are applying for colleges, studying for SAT’s, finding a date for prom or just trying to pass out classes. With all this weighing on our backs,


Josh Passifume, a senior, about to win the game of corn hole. Photo courtesy of Ashley Watkins


2nd-period team sports playing an intense game of racket ball. Photo courtesy of Ashley Watkins

we forget one crucial thing… to enjoy our last year as kids. This is truly it the end of our childhood, the second we stride across that stage and collect our diplomas the real world hits us. College, a career, bills, a family, kids, retirement, as the shadow of May creeps nearer and nearer these thoughts and more pop up in the backs of our minds. It seems like everything is closing in and as I look around at my friends I notice something, they aren’t enjoying their senior year. With everything and everyone pushing them to move forward with their lives in the “real world”, they miss out on the final days of the last year of their childhood. Don’t be so intertwined with the future instead of living in the now, don’t miss out on friends or your life now because you’re thinking of your future life. Now I’m not saying drop everything you’re doing and go out partying, but don’t miss out on the little things of life because your so focused on leaving it all behind. As my sister always said, “You can retake a class but you can’t retake a party”. Not the best advice but the general message is there, enjoy the year, play some games with friends, and have a good time. Don’t miss out on the football games. Hang out with friends because this could be the last time you see them. Make some memories that will last a lifetime, you’re only a kid once, live your life. Enjoy senior year or don’t, as always, I don’t care I just had to type a paper.

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