Woodstock Softball Season ends with big Accomplishments!

Lead Story The softball team is at the end of their regular season finishing with a record of 7-9! Everyone has had a great spirit all year and made special friendships. They have had ups and downs but stayed as a one throughout the season. “The team overall has grown a lot as a team,” says Coach Gray. The girls went into Regional tournament Saturday, Sept. 29th. They ended the season with 10-14 as their record!  

softball team1

Photo gathered by Elena Waldroop. Softball team about to play McEachern on Senior Night. 


In case you missed it On Senior Night the team had a comeback against McEachern, making the Senior Night special! During regionals the softball team beat Kennesaw Mountain High School best 2 out of 3 and it was a big accomplishment because Kennesaw Mountain was in the 1st seed and we were in the 4th seed!

Wolverines of the Month  

Nikki Rogers is a sophomore here at Woodstock High School and has been putting in her best efforts for the time she was on the field. Early in the season she broke her arm diving for a ball during pre-game against Lassiter a month ago. She was in a cast because of it and has been going to every practice with a “Can do” attitude! She looks to contribute to the team anyway she can! Rogers actually played in a game against Lassiter in a cast and went up to bat one handed! She put the ball in play three times. “Nikki has a big heart and is a great teammate!” says Coach Gray. Also, recently she was named 1st Team All-Region! Rogers ended the season with a great attitude and proud of her teammates.  

Coach Gray’s Overlook on the Season

“Every year I learn a little more, as a coach, from the interaction with my players. This group challenged me as a coach this year. Even though being a new coach to the program, and transition can be chaotic for inexperienced players, I still had high expectations for the team and there were several players who just wouldn’t respond to positive coaching. This forces any coach to look outside the box and develop new ways to reach his/her players. I found myself doing things I’ve never done before in an attempt to reach my players. I have to thank my assistant coaches for some great ideas. Overall, I learned that each year brings new challenges and that today’s youth are constantly changing and require multiple opportunities for engagement. It used to be that the opportunity to just play the sport was enough to garner young athletes’ attention. This is not the case anymore. Our coaching staff implemented some fun activities before practices and games that seemed to relax our players and incorporate more fun!” – Coach Gray


softball team 2

Photo gathered by Elena Waldroop. Girls celebrating after a good play and getting the other team out.


Looking ahead 

If you couldn’t make it out this season to the games, next August the softball team will be back! Coach Gray will be coaching again and is excited to see what the girls have for him next year.  


“This team is doing a great job of learning how to deal with adversity and I am proud of them and where they are going in the future!” – Coach Gray. 

“Being at Woodstock this year has been a blessing. I have worked at four high schools and this has by far been the best experience. Everyone here truly embraces the family atmosphere and our administration is very supportive. My passion for teaching and coaching has been revived here at WHS!. We are Woodstock!”- Coach Gray.


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