All This Rotting Fruit: A New era of music is coming, and its name is Peach Pit

Staff Writer: Hannah Johnson

Peach Pit, brought to life in 2016 with the release of their now coveted debut ep “Sweet F.A”.  Their fame arose quickly as now they have a giant following and dedicated fans all around the world.  Originated in Vancouver, Canada, they formed in high school when pals Smith and Chris Vanderkooy, decided to collaborate on a musical project. Peter Wilton and Mikey pascuzzi joined them on bass and drums creating their, what they call, “chewed bubblegum pop”. This group melds teen angst and summer vibes, with their laid- back sound and lush lead vocal. Their songs tell stories of backstabbing best friends and the dying end of summer romances. The group quickly developed a dedicated local fan base through their energetic live shows. “I never got to go to one of their shows…YET. But, it looks so chill and fun!”- Kim Scottish, senior at WHS

p 1

Sweet F.A.  is the EP that made Peach Pit gain worldwide fame.



In February of 2017, a YouTube channel sent their self- titled track “peach pit” viral after discovering it on their band camp. The group quickly started to amass an international following and booking requests to play worldwide. They have now released their debut LP, “being so normal”, on the Vancouver based indie label Kingfisher Bluez after which they will hit the road, touring the US and Canada with a European tour in early 2018. Peach pit has quickly become the next big indie act to watch out in the pacific northwest. “Who are they? Also, why ‘Peach Pit’… aren’t those poisonous?”- Miles Chambers, junior at WHS.

p 3

I mean… look at these guys, they even  have the “Soft boy” aesthetic that seems to be so “in” at the moment.



The main reason that people are so drawn to this band is mainly because of their “relatable” lyrics, soft calm vocals, and odd appearance. I mean… they all look like they’ve either stepped out of the 70s, or secretly make art in their parents’ basement. However, there is going to be a new era in music, many other bands including Peach Pit have emerged from the dark depths only known as rock and roll and are coming to take the name back. The revolution is coming, are you ready for it? “I heard them for the first time this year, I think it was the song “seventeen”, not too sure, but it was so beautiful and gave me tons of nostalgia to greater times in my life”. -Alec Flynn, Sophomore at WHS.

All photos are from Icsis Washington and Creative Commons**

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