Hard Fought Rivalries and Championships

Staff Writer: Charley Snyder
Lead Story:
In the past month in football, the Woodstock Wolverines have had a great run. On October 6, they defeated Etowah in amazing fashion, with a game winning pass from Garrett Bass to Noah Frith. The final score of that game was 38-35. The next week, the Wolverines lost their homecoming game to the Lassiter Trojans. The week after that, Woodstock defeated the Cherokee Warriors by a large margin, winning the game 30-6. And on October 27, the Woodstock football team secured a spot in the region championship by defeating the Roswell Hornets, who were 2nd in the state last year, 37-10.
In Case You Missed it:
In the first game of the month against the Etowah Eagles, Woodstock’s biggest rival, the


(Left to Right) Wide receiver Louis Hall, quarterback Garrett Bass, and wide receiver Noah Frith after their victory over their rival, the Etowah Eagles.

Eagles were in the lead for almost all of the game. In the last minute of the game, quarterback Garrett Bass threw a pass up to wide receiver Noah Frith, who made a spectacular catch over Etowah’s cornerback. With less than a minute left, the Wolverine defense was able to stop the Eagle offense, and Woodstock was victorious in the battle for Towne Lake for the second year in a row.
Wolverine of the Month:
The Wolverine of the Month for October is Noah Frith. Frith has been chosen as the Wolverine of the Month because of his role in defeating Etowah, and also his ability to lead his team, and always being able to push others on and off the football field.
When asked how the football team is feeling going into the region championship, senior defensive lineman Trevor Casey responded with, “I have never had more confidence in anything that we are going to win on Friday.
Woodstock Football alum Simms Greer also had some words about the football team’s success this year, saying, “I am happy I was a part of starting a culture where it’s expected to win and play up to the Woodstock Football standard. It’s exciting to see we made have a lasting effect on the program. The team has a much greater opprotunity to do something great since they had a taste of success last year and it’s very obvious the guys enjoyed what we did and want to leave a legacy of their own.
Looking Ahead:
This upcoming Friday, the Wolverine Football team will play at Walton against the Raiders for the region championship. After that game, Woodstock will have their first playoff game at home, and their opponent has not been decided yet.


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