Learning All About Public Safety

Section writer: Hannah Suh

On Oct. 26, the Woodstock High School Law class went on a field trip to the Cherokee County fire training center and to the Holly Springs police station. This field trip was to help show students who were interested in the field of public safety and law real life situations and scenarios. The many hours spent learning from real firefighters and police officers gave students the opportunity to explore their choices in future jobs and activities.

At the Cherokee County fire training center, the people who worked there showed our Woodstock students many interesting things about fire and fire safety. They showed things such as the flow paths of smoke, how they rescued victims, and even gave them advice on the safest way to isolate ad get out of a fire. The students were able to see the firefighters burn a fake model house, then the real burn house. They showed their various techniques on how to extinguish the fire and rescue victims of the fire.

One of the rescuing techniques involves the abbreviation “VEIS”. This abbreviation stood for “vent, enter, isolate, and search.” The first step, vent, was for the firefighter to vent out the smoke filled area. This would involve the firefighter opening a window or door in order to get in, then reading the smoke conditions to see the possibility of any survivors. If the conditions read way over 162 degrees F, then the probability might be very low. Once the conditions are checked, they enter. The firefighters should be careful once they enter, going feet first, and then check below the smoke in order to see the layout of the room and where the door is. After entering, they must isolate. After checking to see if there are any survivors outside of the area or room they are in, they should shut the door in order to isolate the room from the structure. This should be very fast and brief. Finally, they should search. They need to search for any other potential survivors. After finding survivors, they should report it in order to get help rescuing the survivors.

After going to the fire department, the students went to the Holly Springs police station. There they were able to talk to police officers and even their k9. They were able to explore the courtroom and the police cars, which we luckily usually only get to see the outside of. Talking to the very intelligent police officers helped answer a lot of the questions of the students.

Luckily, our students came back safely and with a whole bunch of new knowledge. The people who I talked to said that they had a lot of fun, and were able to learn so much from this experience.

Brenna French, a sophomore, said that, “The field trip was very fun and informational. I was able to learn a bunch of new things about public safety from a different perspective.”

Mackenzie Rich, a sophomore, also stated how, “The field trip taught me how to stay safe with fires and the process of police arresting. It was such a great opportunity to be able to go.”

We are all so glad to hear the many things that our students learned and can now teach us. Hopefully Woodstock will be able to provide students with these type of beneficial field trips more in the future!


This brave firefighter demonstrates how they put out a house fire. If there is ever an emergency, make sure to call them first!

Photo Courtesy of: Daniela Salame (Photocredits: Vinnie Denigman)


This replica of a house fire and how it spreads showed the law class a lot about the dangers of fire hazards and what they can cause.

Photo Courtesy of: Daniela Salame (Photocredits: Vinnie Denigman)

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