The Vegas Shooting Should Never Have Happened

Staff Writer: Liam Gillin 

I don’t know how to be any more clear. The title should say it all. If we have the ability to prevent these tragedies from ever happening, why do we allow them to continue? What is the NRA thinking with its response? If we can’t politicize this now, then when?  

My first article was on gun control, and now I find myself HERE. When does the chaos and death come to an end? I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised; and as pessimistic as I’m sure that sounds, I’ve come to accept it as realism. Perhaps, a dose of reality is required to fight this. 

Through a textbook definition of the term “terrorism”, this is (technically) not that. I can’t believe that we allow semantics to rule over human lives.  

The Las Vegas shooter, now identified as Stephen Paddock, had access to a literal arsenal of modifiable weaponry, which is exactly the kind of firearms that I emphatically believe we need to keep in check. Hunting rifles and pistols are one thing, but semi-automatic firing assault rifles that can easily become automatic firing weapons of war in the hands of civilians is something one does not bear thinking about.  

While there is nothing to suggest any history of Paddock being, in any way, mentally and/or emotionally ill or otherwise unstable, that is not a valid excuse. It does not, by any means, redeem the evil this man has committed.  

Also, what a surprise! He’s white. None of us have ever heard anything that in these cases, now, have we? 

Almost immediately afterwards, the National Rifle Association (or NRA) decided that it was a good idea to respond to this massive tragedy by aiming to deregulate firearms; including the applications of gun silencers. I mean, it makes total sense to make lethal weapons quieter after these sorts of tragedies, doesn’t it?  

And the media, as always, tried to demonize politicizing the situation. If we can’t politicize this now, then we never will; and they know that. It’s their dodge-everything card for politics after a gun massacre. That makes it all the more vital that we DO politicize this now. If we don’t speak up, nothing will ever be done to prevent this in the future. Especially, not with the NRA‘s money addiction. 

I know that this article is getting cut short, but I really don’t know what else to say about this. There has got to be a line. People have died. People are grieving and hurting. When did a gun become more valuable than a life? 


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