Trouble in California

Staff Writer: Matthew Sanchez

Within the last month, California has been having fires all throughout the Northern part of the state. There have been at least 8,400 homes or structured destroyed and as of October 23 the death toll was at 42. It has hurt this part of the state in many different ways. The economy has felt this because a lot of money will be spent when re building the structures that were destroyed in the fires. And a lot of businesses lost their stores which cost them a lot of money.

Firefighters and first responders have been very involved in the past month. Sources say that about 5,000 firefighters have been stationed around the lines of the fire. There are 10 main fires that are spreading throughout Northern California.

The fires have also had a serious impact on the people living in the area. A lot of people are without homes and had to evacuate. There is an estimated 100,000 people that had to leave their home and might not return to anything. As people have evacuated and survived through the fires, the problem now is finding housing. These people are basically restarting their lives with barely anything. There have been people sleeping it tents, and doing anything to have shelter or a place to sleep. Many people have lost their houses that they have lived in their whole life. They have lost some of their most valuable possessions and they only had a small amount of time to evacuate and get as many of their most prized possessions out with them. People have lost all of their pictures

These fires have destroyed whole neighborhoods and ruined businesses and stores all around. Along with people having to find new shelters, people have to spend a lot of money to restock, food and drinks, clothes, furniture and anything else that they had in their house. AS the fires are now winding down, a historic cleanup is starting and Northern California has to rebuild almost everything.

Kyle Capozzi, a junior at Woodstock High School said, “These fires are very scary and I hope everyone is staying safe in California.”

Chloe Hood, also a junior at Woodstock High School said, “I have heard about these fires and it is crazy. I have family in California and I have been talking to them about these fires and I have been praying that they are okay.”

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