Will Thane Be In Avengers Infinty War



All Marvel fans are highly anticipating the Avengers Infinity War movie that comes out in May. The movie focuses on the Avengers taking on the most powerful marvel villain known as Thanos. Despite knowing for sure that the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Scarlet Witch Vision and Spiderman will be in the movie the big elephant in the room is if the son of Thanos known as Thane.

If you don’t know who he is, Thane is the powerful son of Thanos who has the abilities to change the economics of the universe. The only problem with Thane is his inability to control his powers, which leads to a great risk of people dying around him. Many marvel fans are speculating if Thane will be in this movie and it would a shame of he is not I the movie. In the comics Thane was used heavily to help defeat Thanos and arguably they would of lose if Thane didn’t help. As a result, there many reasons why Thane should be in the movie which I’m about to explain.

AvengersThe Avengers Infinity War movie will be released in two parts. Part one will be released in May of 2018 and part two will be released in May of 2019

Photo courtesy of creative commons. Gathered by Emily Hailstone

  1. He was vital in defeating Thanos.

Like I said before, in the comics Thane’s unique abilities was needed to defeat Thanos. Despite how good of a unit the avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy were, Thanos simply overpowered both teams and was on the verge of destroying them. Thane, on the other hand ended up overpowering Thanos. Marvel Cinematic Universe directors are notorious for leaving out important details in movies that were in the comics. For example, In Captain America Civil War, Captain America not dying was very surprising to all marvel fans since in the comics he was shot and killed by crossbones. When crossbones was announced to be in the movie, people expected him to die in the movie. However, that simply wasn’t the case, which frustrated many marvel fans.



Thanos the arch enemy of the Avengers. He is out to find the Infinity stones to fill the Infinity gauntlet and rule the universe.

Photo courtesy of creative commons. Gathered by Emily Hailstone.

  1. He is part of Thanos’s background

What makes marvel movies so successful if the amazing story telling/backstory. Leaving out Thane will take away an important piece to Thanos’s story. Thanos in the comics, know Thane is the only person powerful enough to defeat him so he tries to kill him, until the avengers show up and Thane eventually kills Thanos. It would make zero sense to not have Thane in the movie cause you take away a part of his story and the man who can take down Thanos.

In conclusion, with these two reasons and many more, you must involve Thane in Avengers Infinity war as he is a crucial character in Thanos’s story and the impact of the war between the Avengers and Thanos in general

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