2 Arrested in Frightening School Shooting Threat

Staff writer: Carter Maczko

Two 17-year old students were arrested late Monday afternoon after a tip was given to the Etowah High School cop about a possible school terrorist attack. The two suspects are Alfred Dupree and Victoria McCurley, are both being charged as adults and had a hearing on Tuesday, October 24. Where the judge ordered them both to be held without bond at the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center. The judge bound both cases over to Superior court. Both teens are being charged with a lot of charges including attempted murder, attempted arson, terroristic threats, and many more.


Alfred Dupree,17, as seen in the picture is one of the two suspects linked to the potentially dangerous threat against Etowah High School. Pictures gathered by Armando Carillo-Rendon. Courtesy of Creative Commons.

It was said the two had more than 30 guns and also found an incendiary device in McCurley’s home. Inside one of their journals was there plan on what to do and when. There was a supposal “hit list” with names of many students and faculty members. While talking to Woodstock high school junior Anna Bailey, she said” it’s crazy how something like this can happen so close to us, it really makes you think what other people can be going through.”. It truly is hard to think about, people that we know and could possibly talk to could be thinking like this or going through things we have no idea about.


Victoria McCurley,17, As seen in the picture is whose house the incendiary device and multiple weapons were found. Pictures gathered by Armando Carillo-Rendon. Courtesy of Creative Commons.

Parents of some students said it was a very terrifying and they were very worried if there were any other people involved in the plan. The principle sent a letter out to parents after the two suspects were in custody stating the students were safe and there were no more current threats against the school. He also says that the safety of the students and staff of Etowah are the most important thing. With such a nearly dangerous threat, that was actually found in the journal of one of the two suspects. While talking to Chloe Hood she said “At first the reported threat was not found credible at first. Crazy thing about it is what if they didn’t look into the tip any more”. This could have been something that would have been remembered forever that could have happened so close to all of our homes. The community is so thankful for the incredible job law enforcement did finding the suspects in such a short time.


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