The Boys Get Ready For the Spring Season by Putting in the Work in the Fall!

Staff writer: Samuel Snyder

Lead Story: The fall Woodstock High School lacrosse team is more of a season to get ready for the spring season, or the real season. The team just has fun and sometimes puts in a grind if necessary. Both JV and varsity had a tournament at berry this weekend. They had a great time, and made many memories and highlights for the upcoming season.
In Case You Missed It: The Woodstock lacrosse team has been grinding in the weight room and on the track. They have been doing 4 on 1 practices, which is when you have 4 players come out to practice, but there can only be one coach. It has been a constant grind since the end of August. Also, they started conditioning last week and are doing it until there next tournament in December.
Wolverines of the month: The varsity team had multiple players that played great, but one player stood out this month. Senior, Riordan Shina is this month’s player of the month for the varsity team. For JV the freshman goalie KJ Seymour played outstanding and earned the wolverine of the month.
Quotable: The Woodstock varsity team and JV team make many memories when playing on the field together. They have so much fun and there are many quotes to pick from. One that stood out from the rest was when junior, Kyle Kapozzi said ” I have the fish”. That basically means he has the weak defender.
Interesting Statistics: Lacrosse is a sport filled with many statistics that nobody really understand, but the varsity team went 4 and 2 which means they won 4 games and lost 2 of them. The JV team on the other hand laid a fat goose egg and didn’t win one game.
Off the Field: The lacrosse team accells in academics when it comes to sports teams. For some odd reason lacrosse players all usually have very high IQ’s. The point is the team has many players in the top 10 of their grade class, and that shows something.
Looking ahead: Both varsity and JV have a tournament coming up in December. Its going to be a 7 on 7 tournament and its going to take place at Georgia Tech University. Yuck.

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