Wolverines cross-country team race to state!! 

Staff Writer: Foroutan Gorgi 

Lead story: What a great county meet by such a great team. Your wolverine’s men’s and women’s team went into what could’ve possibly been their last race of season. Unfortunately, for the boys, they placed 7th out of 12th which means their season has come to an end. You needed to finish top 6 in order to make it in but the boys just BARELY missed the cut. The girls however, finished 6th out of 12th which means they’re going to state! It’s so exciting especially considering the fact that we have the fastest runner in the county! That’s right, Anna Burnett finished 1st out of everyone!  

 Cross country 1

Cross country girls lined up at the starting line getting ready for their race at a meet! (Photos credit: Brynne Sumner) 

In case you missed it: The Wolverines went to the county/area meet and did great. Boys placed 7th out of 12th which left them out of state, girls finished 6th out of 12th which means they’re going to state. 


A group of Woodstock girls at their meet, showing off their wolverine pride by wearing their Woodstock uniform! (Photo credit:Brynne Sumner) 

Wolverine of the Month: Our wolverine of the month for cross-country is Anna Burnett. She placed FIRST at the county/area meet with a stunning time of 18.27.57 in the 5K race. That means shes the best 5k runner in our whole county and region. And she didn’t just win, the nearest runner next to her was eight seconds behind! That’s a lot of time when it comes to a race. 

Quotables: I got a chance to speak with some of our own Wolverine stars. I asked Anna Bailey, how she can better prepare herself for state knowing that she’s already been there before? She responded with, “I know the course really well and coach Scharich knows how to prepare us. I feel like different this year, I’m coming out with my absolute best.” I also asked her who shows the best leadership on the team? She said very quickly, “Gwen Setlock, she’s a senior this year and she’s always trying to get the team to participate in everything and gives us great motivation.” I asked boys’ runner Kyle Pederson, on a scale of 1-10 how fun was this season to you and why? He said, “7, it was fun because of the team and getting to go to Florida but we didn’t win county. “ 

By the numbers: By the numbers, Woodstock has been a very mediocre team all year, showing exciting glimpses at some points and then other points looking average. The girls team has been looking above average most of the season, Anna Burnett carries the team and shows great leadership. 

Off the Track: The whole team has been busy even off the track. They’ve been busy with homework, ACT exams, home issues, other sports. But our Wolverines work well as a collective group and know how to respond to these issues. They show great body language in school and on the track. After all, it’s more than just a competition, our great coaches want to make sure your attitude is great as well.  

Looking Ahead: Your wolverines look forward to the state meet as well as off-season training. It’s never too early to start the grind. With so many seniors leaving this year, it’s time for the youth to step up. Dylan Mason, a boys senior leader, said, “Success in this sport is hard to come by, but you got to stick with it and keep on grinding.” These are strong words from a leader like him. 

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