How do you Celebrate Black Friday?

What is Black Friday? 

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving full of shopping and sales. Stores open during early morning hours and offer promotional sales. Some stores stay open

black friday 1

Photo Gathered by Paityn Waller. Black Friday shoppers rushing to the doors of the stores opening for sales after long hours of waiting.

during overnight hours on Thanksgiving Day and start the sales at midnight and when the sales and the best offers go up people storm into the stores. Also camping out is common to secure your spot in line, a better chance to get your desired items, and getting first picks. Fights and arguments break out as people want and have the same items in mind. Since 2006, there has been 7 deaths and 98 injuries in the United States. Some people refer to online shopping to get first picks, avoid the traffic of people and fights. Black Friday is the busiest shopping day throughout the year in the United States.  

What should shoppers do? 

I think Black Friday is an exciting way of shopping and a way to get your favorite stuff on sale. Also, Christmas shopping is the best time during Black Friday because it is full of sales and puts you in a good spot to save money. In my opinion I support Black Friday but prefer online shopping. Things come easier to you and it still even includes the sales. Also, I avoid going to stores early hours the day after Thanksgiving because of the fights and arguments that go down. Online shopping does include rushing to buy the items because the item availability is limited and also can depend on the amount of items in the store that are sold that night. I think Black Friday should be available to the entire United States. Some states restrict and abandoned this day because retailers will either complain about having damaged items, tired employees, or ignore the day completely. Also, if the state has a death through Black Friday they most likely will abolish the day. But I think we can find a way to avoid the fights and arguments that could/did lead to deaths in the past.  Going to the stores during the early hours is also a fun time to be with your friends and save lots of money. 

black friday 2

Photo Gathered by Paityn Waller. Black Friday shoppers waiting outside of Target and prepared for shopping. Some may have even waited for hours before the doors opened.

How does Black Friday impact retailers? 

Retailers make a lot of money by the Christmas shopping but can suffer through the process. They suffer from broken things, a bunch of returned damaged items, and maintaining the items available for the website. Also, tired employees come about in the store as they try to keep everything under control.  

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