Time to step those grades up!

Staff writer: Jaigh Ewing

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With finals coming up soon, students should use extra time to study for their classes. (Carter Mackzco, 11th grade) Photo Courtesy of: Ashley Watkins. 

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Students only have one more month to get their grades up before the end of the first semester, so it would be a good idea to start hitting the books! (Matthew Sanchez, 11th grade) Photo Courtesy of: Ashley Watkins. 

Midterms are nearly upon us and time is running out to keep your grades in check. Weather its test and quizzes or homework and papers, these assignments make up your grades and they will determine how seriously you should take these midterms. Now If you’ve kept up with your assignments this school year by staying ahead, not procrastinating or just cheating your way through them, when it comes time to the midterms you’ll have it in your back pocket. Depending on how your teacher grades the midterms you should be fine, at most if you fail it might drop you a letter grade but if you keep your grades in check when the time comes to knock out this last assignment you’ll be ready and relaxed knowing you passed this semester.

On the flip side of that coin if your grades have been slightly slipping this semester so far you might be standing on the threshold of pass or fail. This one grade could make or break you and that could put some pressure on most people. When it comes down to it you might need to hit those books and study hard! To fail a semester means to make it up via summer school, apex, or even worse having to take the same class again next year! Having to learn the same material twice because of one failed midterm is a wild thought but it’s a true one. Make sure that if you need to study you distance yourself from all distractions. Turn your phone off and set it to the side while studying, and don’t stay in your room, go out and sit somewhere with plenty of sun. Remember to make sure and not wait till the last minute to study. If your grades are where they are based on your test and quiz average putting off the studying till the week before might not be the brightest idea, but then again if you were known for bright ideas you probably wouldn’t be in this situation.

If your borderline pass/fail be sure to ask your teachers if there is anything you could do to bring your grades up. Your teachers might not seem like it but they don’t want you to fail, mostly because they would rather not tech you again next year. Ask them sooner rather than later though because the longer you put it off the less of a chance you might get the help you need, and you’ll end up sitting in the same class with the same teacher. And never forget to keep a positive mind, as said by a close friend, “Dude my grades are trash right now and I don’t even feel like trying to get them back up”. (Sage Carino –  junior at Woodstock). Or even better, “I have a ** in this class ill just make it up later”. (Tray slaughter- senior at Woodstock). With mindsets like these a passing grade is well beyond your grasp. Keep an open mind and try your hardest to insure you pass this semester and have a smooth next one. And as always, do or don’t I don’t really care.

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