Early NFL NFC Playoff Preview and Predictions Staff Writer: Corey Darko

Despite a lot of football left to be played, were starting to get a small preview of what the playoffs will look like in each conference. As a result, its team to not only start predicting the playoff picture, but who will win each conference and the super bowl. Without further ado, let’s get this started.


NFC Wildcard: Number 5 Atlanta Falcons at Number 4 New Orleans Saints. What better way to find out who will get to the divisional round than two divisional rivals who absolutely can’t stand each other. Despite losing to the Falcons over the last couple of years, not only do the Saints match up well, but you can argue the Saints have the edge. Marshon Lattimore has been a shutdown corner and that will continue this game as he has the size and speed to contain Julio Jones as he has Revis-esque ability to guard and shutdown the best receiver without needing any safety help, which will allow Ken Crawley to guard Sanu with safety help. The game will be close with the dynamic falcons’ offense and an improved defense, however beating Drew Brees in the playoffs at home is nearly impossible as the Saints will squeak bye with the W. Prediction: 28-24



Caption: The Saintss are lead by  hall of famer Drew along with an emerging young defense

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by Elena Waldroop


NFC Wildcard: Number 6 Los Angeles Rams at Number 3 Minnesota Vikings . This game will be a battle. The best offense in the league taking on the most dominant defense in the league. Despite all the firepower the Los Angeles Rams have I have to lean with Minnesota. Gurley will be contained by this aggressive defensive front and Sammy Watkins will be kept quiet by Xavier Rhodes. Jared Goff has also struggled against great defenses like Seattle and Jacksonville. Despite a suspect offense, wide receivers Stefon Diggs and Adam Theilon will make big plays and home field advantage leans me towards Minnesota. Prediction: 21-17.


Caption:  The Vikings are lead by an aggressive defense along with veteran Case Kenum , who is top 5 in QBR.

Phto Courtest of Creative Commons. Gathered by Elena Waldroop

Nfc Divisional Round. Number 3 Minnesota Vikings At Number 1 Philadelphia Eagles. This is where the Vikings season comes to an end. Philadelphia’s front 7 will get a lot of pressure on Case Keenum and Jalen Mills and Ronald Darby will contain Stefon Diggs. Finally, as good as the vikings defense is, stopping Carson Wentz at home is nearly impossible. Carson Wentz, in his first playoff game, will dissect this talented defense. Their running backs will also wreak havoc in Jay Ajayi and Legarret Blount. The defense will attempt to keep it close but will not be able to contain Carson Wentz. Prediction: 34-24.


Caption: The Eagles are lead by the Best young Quarterback in the League and MVP Frontrunner in Carson Wentz and the best defensive line in football

Photo Courtesy Of Creative Commons. Gathered by Elena Waldroop.




Number 4 New Orleans Saints at Number 2 Seattle Seahawks. This game will be a defensive battle. Seattle’s defense will down Drew Brees, However, the saints improved unit will slow down Russell Wilson’s talented receivers as Marshon Lattimore will shut down Doug Baldwin. However, at home, Wilson always find out a way to pull out close game and even though it will be close, Seattle will squeak by with a win. Prediction: 13-17


Caption The Seahawks elite defense and special quarterback in Russell Wilson will be enough to overwhelm Drew Brees and this young saints defense

Photo Courtesy Of Creative Commons. Gathered by Elena Waldroop.


NFC Championship

Number 2 Seattle Seahawks at Number 1 Philadelphia Eagles. This game will be a classic. If there is an defense that has a chance of slowing down Wentz it is the Legion of Boom. The Seahawks, to have a chance, must score and protect Wilson against this nasty defensive front as the Seahawks won’t stop Wentz for 4 quarters that’s just impossible. This game will come down to quarterback play and while Wilsons is more proven, Wentz is simply a special talent. This game will be close however Wentz will make the winning plays down the stretch to seal the deal. Prediction: 30-23


In conclusion, while there are many teams in the NFC that have the talent to make the super bowl, the eagles have to be the favorite considering their qb is arguably been the best quarterback in the NFC in Carson Wenz and have the most balanced team in all of football

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