World Series for the Ages

Staff Writer: Matthew Sanchez
The 2017 World Series was one for the history books. It was a best of 7 playoff series between the
National League champion Los Angeles Dodgers and the American League champion Houston Astros.
The Astros defeated the Dodgers in 7 games to win their first World Series in franchise history, and the
first team from Texas to do so.
Both teams set a World Series record with a combined total of 25 home runs throughout the entire
series. The Astros alone set their own franchise record with 15 homeruns. In game 2 of the series there
was 8 homeruns, which is also a record. Houston Astros outfielder George Springer won the World
Series MVP as he hit 5 home runs in this series. It was a very tight series as 5 out of the 7 games were
within 2 runs and 2 of the games went into extra innings.
The 2017 world series is the third highest rated series since 2005. This series was a battle between the
offenses. Each team had 34 runs in 7 games and the teams combined for 103 hits. 4 out of the 7 games
had at least 3 homeruns and 5 out of 7 had at least 2 homeruns. There were many pitchers used during
each game. A lot of the games had early scoring in which the starting pitchers were pulled early from the
Josiah Siegel, a Woodstock High School junior, who is a big baseball fans said, “It was an incredible series
and possibly the best series I’ve ever seen. Each team had so many players that stepped up and had
amazing performances.”
Brennan Milone, also a Woodstock High School junior and a big baseball fan said, “The series was truly
incredible and the way that each team played their hearts out was awesome. Each team stepped up and
every game in the series was incredible.”
The Astros keys to winning was for all-star second baseman Jose Altuve to have a strong series. And that
is exactly what he did, he had 2 home runs and multiple extra base hits. Another key was that they
needed to have a strong starting pitching staff. And although they wish it was better, they still out
pitched the dodgers. And in addition, they had MVP George Springer who was a huge key on the
offensive side as he had a total of 5 homeruns. It was an incredible series for the dodgers.

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