Big Name Injuries in the NFL 

staff writer: Carter Maczko 

As we pass through the halfway point in the NFL season, we realize so many big-name players aren’t playing.  Watching their teams struggle and ruining so many fantasy leagues around the country. These popular players suffering from minor injuries to season ending injuries have made a huge impact on how this season is going.  

One of the biggest injuries was the 2012 most valuable player and 2010 Super Bowl champion Aaron Rodgers. He was injured in week 6 against the Minnesota Vikings. He suffered another Broken collarbone which he broke earlier in his career during the 2013 season. Since he was injured, he packers have won only one game and wen from a playoff team to maybe one of the worst teams in the NFC. Talking to Woodstock Junior, Will Callahan about this topic, He said “As a packers fan it sucks to see your quarterback go down especially when he is your whole team, It was a good run while it lasted.”


 Aaron Rodgers,12, laying on the turn after taking a brutal hit which broke his collarbone. Without Rodgers, the packers are a completely different team and they hope he recovers and come back better than before. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons. 

 A huge player that got hurt on the defensive side of the ball was JJ Watt. He was injured during the games opening drive against the Kansas City Chiefs. As he walked off he couldn’t put any pressure on his left leg, and He suffered a fractured leg. As a three-time defensive player of the year, Watt led the Huston Defense to being one of the top defenses in the league. He is expected to miss the rest of this season. 

A player millions of people took with their first picks in their fantasy leagues, was also the first to get hurt in the season. David Johnson from the Arizona Cardinals was the first big name player to get injured during the season. He got injured in a Preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where Johnson broke his wrist which later required surgery. After having a breakout season last year, many fans expected a big season from Johnson this year. His return for this season is questionable, but he says he hopes to return this season no matter his team’s record. A quote from Woodstock junior,Ryan Sidney, He says “it sucks he got hurt so early in the season cause i wanted to see if last season was just a fluke or if hes the real deal.”

 Cardinals Rams Football

 David Johnson, 31, being carted off the field after breaking his wrist. Many fans expected a big year from him after last year and after his surgery he plans to come back late this season. Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons.

 Possibly one of the most popular players in the NFL, Odell Beckham Jr was injured during week five against the Los Angeles Chargers where he suffered a fractured left ankle late in the game. It was probably best for him as the Giants are one of the worst teams in the league and are 1-8 right now. Although Odell was having a great season with a terrible team and was top three in the league in receiving yards before his injury.  He will be back next year making more incredible one-handed catches. 

We hate to see our favorite players get hurt but Injuries are just a part of the game and will continue to happen as long as football is played. 

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