Major Injuries in the NBA

Staff Writer: Brenden Foo

Basketball is an extremely intense and at some points aggressive sport to play. Due to that, there are sometimes injuries from trying to push yourself too hard or freak accidents during the game. Many NBA teams have lost key players due to injury which is severely hindering their performance and their record. There are some teams that even though they are injury stricken, are still managing to have a very good season and record. Most of the teams with injuries though, are not as lucky.

The Spurs have been struggling throughout the whole season with four wins out of seven games. That’s not a bad win ratio, but they usually play better than they are now. They have been struggling throughout these few games without Kawhi Leonard. Kawhi hasn’t played a game this season due to the injury that he obtained while playing against the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs last season. Considering the fact that Kaw

kawhi leonard

Kawhi Leonard getting injured while playing against the Warriors. Since this game he has not played another game. Credit: Creative Commons Gathered By: Naudia Jahoda

hi is one of the best players and defenders in the league, taking him completely out of the picture causes the team to be significantly worse than they were while he was playing. They have been able to keep the team stable with a seven and four record. Josh Pierce, a basketball coach here at Woodstock, stated, “The spurs will struggle until he gets back, because he is the largest piece of both the offensive and defensive side.”

The Clevland Cavaliers are also struggling due to injuries. Isaiah Thomas hasn’t played a single game for the Cavs and won’t be able to until after the all-star break. Although Derrick Rose is an above average point guard, he is not in the same caliber as Isaiah and doesn’t make as big of an impact on the team as Thomas would. The Cavs have an underwhelming record of five and six. Even though they have both Lebron James and Dwayne Wade, they still need a point guard that could help them spread the floor and be a real offensive threat.

The Boston Celtics lost a very important part of their team in the first game of the whole season. Gordon Hayward was injured in his first game ever playing in a Celtics jersey. This injury at first seemed like it would end the hopes of anything coming out of this season. They lost both the game that Hayward was injured and the game right after that. It seemed like the Celtics were going to have a rough season. But, after dropping the first two games of the season, the Celtics began to click. They went on to win their next nine games to be nine and two and to be at the top of the Eastern Conference. Johnny 

gordon hayward

Gordon Hayward getting injured in the first game of the season. It was also his first game as a Boston Celtic. Credit: Creative Commons Gathered By: Naudia Jahoda

McDowell, a junior attending Woodstock and a die hard Celtics fan said, “Even without Gordon Hayward we will still be able to keep the first seed in the Eastern Conference,” which shows you how well the Celtics are playing without him.

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