Still stumped on senior project?

Staff writer: Jordan Van Dyke

Being a junior I am kind of curious about senior project already. Just kind of wanting to know the basics of it all. Or even if there is a few seniors out there who still have no idea what is going on with senior projects, I talked to Mrs. Snyder to ask a few questions about past projects and some tips she has on senior project.

The first thing I asked her was, what is the hardest part of senior project. Her response was, “I think the most difficult part about Senior project is finding a project facilitator in the chosen career field who is available to spend the time throughout the year with the student to complete a good project.”

The next question I asked was, what is something you think most seniors struggle with on senior project. Mrs. Snyder said, “I think most seniors struggle with choosing a career that truly interests them. Some students just want to complete an easy project and others are uncertain about what they really want to do after high school.” Which I really agree with truly. I have no idea what I want to do with my life yet. Sure I have options but choosing the career I want for the rest of my life is hard to think about in my opinion.

The third question I asked, do you think senior project is truly beneficial? Why? She responded with, “I think if a student pursues a career that they are genuinely interested in then Senior Project is extremely beneficial. It will either give the student the knowledge, tools and experience needed to further pursue their field of interest OR they will find out that that career isn’t what they thought and could save years and thousands of dollars investing in an education for a career that is not for them.”

For the fourth question I decided to ask about some current senior projects to get some idea of what I’m going to have to work up to next year. Mrs. Snyder said, “Training service dogs for the disabled/underwater oil drilling/creating a vaccine.” So looks like I’m going to have my work cut out for me next year.

My final question was asking if she had any advice for the current or future seniors and here is what she had to say, “Pursue a career that truly interests you – do not be afraid of it being too hard or too much work. Do not procrastinate!”

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