Woodstock defeats Northview first game of season

Staff writer: Alonna Wood

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First quarter:

Starting lineup: (14) Chris Carroll, (2) Dylan Hardeman, (5) Nathan Garner, (33) Bryce Clark, (3) Sid Mesumbe

To start the game off Nathan Garner hits the first three leading the Wolverines (3-0) to start the game off, Sid Mesumbe is then fouled, getting two free throws making both, which leads the wolverines (5-2). Chris Carroll then passed an assist to Dylan Hardeman with a layup to make the score (7-6). Dylan Hardeman then hits a three leading the score with a 4-point lead (10-6). Nathan Garner then drives-in with a layup ending the first quarter with a score of (12-6).

Second quarter:

Dylan Hardeman starts the game off with a lay-up. Bryce Clark then shoots the ball from under the basket scoring the game (16-10). Chris Caroll then shoots a three from way behind the three-point line, making the wolverines lead by 9. The end of the second quarter is then ended with a behind the shoulder lay-up from Dylan Hardaman with an ending score of (21-13)

Third quarter:

To start the third quarter off Bryce Clark lays-up a rebound assist from Nathan Garner, scoring the game (23-18). Dylan Hardeman then drives in the middle of the court with a lay-up scoring the game to (25-18). Dylan Hardaman with much confidence after playing an incredible game so far hits a three from the three-point line, scoring the game to (28-24). Nathan with great team work and passes assist Dylan Hardeman for a lay-up scoring the wolverines to lead by 5. To end the third period Dylan Hardeman is fouled, he gets two free throws, only making one to end the third quarter with a score of (34-31).

Fourth quarter:


Dylan Hardemen shooting free throws at the beginning of the 4th quarter. Photo Courtesy: Daniela

To start the fourth quarter off Dylan Hardeman scores two free throws starting the fourth quarter off to tie the game (34-34). Dylan Hardeman gets a turnover and brings the ball down from half court shooting a layup scoring the game (38-36). Will Alan is then fouled in the game with a reaching foul, giving him two free throws, he scores only one to make the game (39-36). Jd then retrieves the second turnover of the game and brings the ball down the court assisting it to Dylan Hardeman to score the game (41-36). Nathan Garner then gets two free throws from being fouled, scoring the wolverines two easy points to score the game (43-36). Sid mesumbe is then subbed in for number (20) Jaden. Mike Spain then comes in for Will Alan, Dylan Hardeman gets two more free throws making both leading the wolverines (45-36). Dylan Hardeman is then fouled again, making only one free throw this time to score the wolverines (46-36). Sid Mesumbe is then assisted by Dylan Hardeman to shoot a layup scoring the wolverines with a 4-point lead (48-36). Jd is then

fouled making both free throws to throw up a score of two-points for the Woodstock Wolverines (50-36). With only one-minute left on the clock Jd (point guard) stalls to help time pass for the Wolverines to take victory with the score game of (50-36).

Player Overview:

Mike Spain: After the game Mike Spain couldn’t be any prouder of he’s team and great work ethic on the court tonight. During an interview Mike Spain said,” I thought the offense played well, we ran it very well, we didn’t hit our shots as well tonight considering it was our first game of the season.” We will be working on our shot selection for the next couple of weeks, to say the least our defense couldn’t have been any better tonight on the court though, we had taken a lot of charges. “” If we can keep up the defense and work on the offense we have a very successful season ahead of us and I’m very excited to see what this team can do this year”, said Mike.

The wolverines take down there first competitive home game against Northview Highschool with a 14-point lead, the wolverines are looking good this year and are ready for more to come!!!


woodstock ends the game with great gratitude ready for the next game to come. Photo courtesy: Daniela

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