Woodstock High School Becomes the Only High School in the County to be STEM Certified.

Staff Writer: Samuel Snyder

On November 1st the Wolverine Nation accomplished a task they have been working on for years. Woodstock High got certified by the Georgia Department of Education to become a STEM high school.  This means a lot to the school and the faculty and staff because they have been working their tails off to accomplish such an amazing honor. They made it obvious that Woodstock isn’t some regular high school, and has something under its belt to show for.


Woodstock High School takes great pride in being STEM certified!  Photo courtesy to Creative Commons. Photo gathered by Armando Carillo.


“For Woodstock High School, this is the culmination of several years’ worth of planning and implementation on the part of our teacher, parents, business partners, and students,” said Principal J. Mark Smith of the honor. “Moving forward this will allow our students who choose to follow one of our STEM pathways to be officially recognized by the state as having completed a certified STEM pathway.”

Georgia STEM education is driven by problem solving, discovery, exploratory problem based learning, and student-centered development of ideas and solutions. It is an integrated curriculum.

“I’m glad that Woodstock is finally a STEM certified school,” said Woodstock High School sophomore Wyatt Graham. “It will play a big role in helping me achieve my dream of attending the Naval Academy in Annapolis.”

Woodstock High School becomes the first and only High school in Cherokee county to become recognized as a STEM certified school. The only other school in Cherokee county to share this honor is Clark Creek Elementary School. With only two Cobb county schools, Kennesaw Mountain and Wheeler, certified as Stem schools, Woodstock High School is one of only three in Northwest Georgia.

“The certification committee today could not stop praising the efforts of Woodstock High School and the opportunities our students have to be a part of such a rich experience,” said Principal Smith.

In addition to the STEM certification, Woodstock High School offers 28 advanced placement courses and nine Career, Technical, Agricultural Education (CTAE) pathways, and multiple areas of fine arts and physical education. An International Skills Diploma is also available at Woodstock High School.

“It’s a lot of work being involved in STEM classes,” said Woodstock High School sophomore Hayden Reider. “It’s a lot to balance STEM, work and sports, but in the long run it will be worth it.”

The STEM certification for Woodstock Hugh School is just another notch in the belt of a great school.

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