Woodstock student, who has big dreams and dedication to becoming famous:

Staff writer: Alonna Wood (Around WHS)




Morgan showing his unique personality through a captured moment of pure happiness(no negativity).  Photos courtesy of Daniela


Background of Morgan Richards:

He was born in North Dakota Nov. 14, 2000. He moved to Georgia and lived in Marietta for three years. Then he moved to Florida in 2004, continuing on to live in South Carolina in 2005, later on he returned back to live in Georgia, so life was all over the place for Morgan. He grew up in a good family with one sibling named Grace Richards. When he was older he always dreamed of being a basketball player, but not a day in his life did he think he would be making music. “Music is like a living picture you can make a person laugh in a song or cry in a song.” “I choose to sing on how I live my life and to inspire others has been my main goal with making music,” said Morgan.

What inspired you?

I always wanted to be different, I wanted to show people a side they have never seen before. I wanted to show my true personality, a lot of people didn’t really except who I was, and I had to prove to them being different was okay.

What inspired your type of music (such as a role model), and what is your type?

I was inspired by Lil Yachty , so many people told me I had a voice and a personality that reminded them of him, growing up I loved his voice and I was told I could rap like him as well. I told my mother I wanted to make music and she gave me the benefit of the doubt and next thing I knew she rented out a studio in Atlanta and I have been working with a music producer named Steven ever since,” said Morgan.

What was your first single and what inspired it?

“Slowly We Go” was my first single. I wanted to tell a story on how I grew up, through rapping, and how you grow up so fast and that’s why the lyrics are slowly we go. I wanted time to slow down, my song also features my sister in it, because I wanted to give it more of an effect.

How do you express yourself?

I try to express myself in an only positive way in life and try to stay out of negativities way, I express myself through how I dress as a way to be different.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years I see myself signing with a record label and having a penthouse in Atlanta. With everything covered in my life, so I can take care of my family and give them what they deserve.








Morgan Richards listening to Lil Yachty in class. photo courtesy of Daniela


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