How Party-Before-Country Voting Voids Meaning

Staff Writer: Liam Gillin

Given recent events with the Moore-Jones election in Alabama, it feels like the opportune time to acknowledge the fact that an alarming number of Americans vote based on their preferred party rather than based on a well-thought decision.

On, according to Autauga County resident Guy Bulger when asked why he voted for Roy Moore; “He’s a Republican, for one thing. I vote Republican every time. Ever since (Ronald) Reagan.” When asked if the allegations against Roy Moore played any part in his decision, Guy Bulger responded; “I did (believe in Moore).” In other words, it seems as if they couldn’t matter less to Bulger, so long as his party won, regardless of the women who came out against Roy Moore.

Frighteningly, there have been answers even more simple-driven than that. According to Autauga County resident Carol Golsan; “He’s a Republican.”, and “I don’t know that that has all been proven and vented out.”

Other responses for why people voted for Roy Moore AND Doug Jones ranged from; “Because he’s a Conservative and he doesn’t believe in abortion.”, “I’m a Democrat.”, “I think he (Doug Jones) is a decent man.”, and “He (Doug Jones) is by far the better candidate.”

So, no, Republicans aren’t the only ones guilty of placing party before country. Personally, I would prefer Jones over Moore any day, but the number of Democrats and Republicans alike willing to make up their minds so quickly just to vote for their party is disheartening, to say the least.

This kind of attitude has no place in American politics, and it has been seeping its way into our daily lives in the most poisonous and toxic way.

A friend of a relative of mine accounted their experience on Facebook in which they offered to help someone pay for their groceries when they were several dollars short, and they simply replied; “If you’re not supporting Trump, I don’t want your help.”

This kind of thinking, on both sides, creates a divide so vast in our country that we simply cannot get off our high horses enough to accept help when we need it. Our country is doomed to remain politically separated if we do not begin consider what a candidate is about before we make up our minds. And one shared value; such as anti-abortion or gun regulation reform; is not enough.

Divided, we do not stand.

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