Pope Francis Takes a Risk Arriving into Myanmar

Pope Francis’ Big Visit

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by Maddie Killian. The 122th Pope bringing forgiveness and pride to Myanmar.

Pope Francis visited Myanmar, being the first Pope to arrive in the southeast nation. The Pope, being head of Christianity, took the risk of being in a huge Buddhist country and its acts of cruelty against its minority of Rohingya Muslims. This trip was required to handle different living, religions, how people welcome him, and questions. The word Rohingya was told to be avoided so he was able to get his message across with no distractions.  


Who are the Rohingya? 

The Rohingya are the stateless or not citizens of Myanmar. They are considered illegal immigrants and the laws state to discriminate against the Rohingya. They aren’t allowed to have property rights, freedom of movement, education, and employment. Also, the land/house they live in can be taken away at any time and for no reason. More than 623,000 Rohingya fled to Myanmar and a fight broke out between Myanmar’s military and a poor western part of Myanmar. The Myanmar government has been accused of violence against Rohingya.  

Photo courtesy Creative commons. Gathered by Maddie Killian. Pope Francis being welcomed to Myanmar.




Pope’s Arrival 

As the Pope arrived to Myanmar, crowds of people gathered in downtown to welcome the Pope. People lined up and sang songs hoping to view the Catholic leader. The people of Myanmar state, “Pope Francis is doing this for the good of everyone in Myanmar and the world. Whatever you want to say about the Christian leader, he has good intentions. He is a man of peace.”  

Pope’s Message 

Pope Francis came to Myanmar to bring peace to the Rohingya and the rest of the population. The Pope states, “I will bring a message of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation.” Pope Francis shared this message as meeting with the Myanmar leaders. Also, he was needed to share the message with the head of military, Aung San Suu Kyi. She was criticized for her reaction towards the Rohingya crisis and the Pope wants to get a message of forgiveness to her. People of Myanmar say that the Pope meeting with the military could bring peace and show the world that forgiveness can be brought to countries like Myanmar who have had violence and discrimination towards the Rohingya. They also say, “He is responsible at the very least for ethic cleaning.”

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