Committee Selects Alabama Over Ohio State

Staff Writer: Ramon Elortondo 

After months of exhilarating play from teams across the country, we finally know who the lucky final four teams are. In what seemed to be the most the most controversial year for the committee, they chose Alabama over Ohio State after OSU proved their dominance over conference foe Wisconsin.  

It wasn’t too much of a surprise who their top three teams were going to end up being. Clemson, Oklahoma and Georgia all secured their spot in the top three after winning their conference championship against viable opponents. That raised the question to why Ohio State hadn’t been put into the final four group. Wisconsin was undefeated going into the Big 10 conference championship and Ohio State dominated them the whole game with a late touchdown by the Badgers that made the score closer than the game had been.  

Alabama lost to Auburn the week before conference championship week. Along with many around the United States, I thought they were for sure out of it for the first time in since the playoffs began. Some say that their offense has lacked what it’s had in recent years, saying they’re running game isn’t what it used to be. Their defense isn’t that Alabama defense we have gotten accustomed to.  

On top of the critics saying the Crimson Tide aren’t as good as what they have been in the past, this year their schedule didn’t match up to the other teams in the top four. Their only win against a top-15 opponent this year was Florida State in the first game of the season. A game where they did win big but the Seminoles also lost their starting quarterback and one of the Heisman favorites for this year, Deondre Francois, during the contest. Other than that game, they did not play another top-15 team until Auburn, and they lost the Iron Bowl by 12.  

“Alabama just got in the final four because of their history. They didn’t prove a thing this year and they shouldn’t be ahead of Ohio State. I guess history helps when you have a huge name in the college football world,” said Will Callahan, a Woodstock junior. 

Love it or hate it, one team had to be left out. The whole concept of a four team playoff has created chaos and made the media talk about college football. Something the NCAA must love. For them it’s a win whenever they’re talked about on national television and the final four creates conversation. 

With the Crimson Tide joining Georgia in the field, the Southeastern Conference became the first league to put two teams in the playoff. The Sugar Bowl will be a rubber match between Clemson and Alabama, which have played each other in the past two national title games, with each winning once. Whichever team emerges from their game could be the title favorite: will both are potent offensively, Alabama (11.5 points per game) and Clemson (12.8 ppg) also have the best and second-best scoring defenses in college football. 


Jake Fromm took over the starting spot when Jacob Eason went down with an injury against Appalachian State. Fromm proved his worth and kept the spot for the remainder of the season. Photo courtesy of creative commons, gathered by Nadia Jahoda.  

The Rose Bowl, by contrast, promises the unstoppable force of Oklahoma’s fourth-ranked scoring offense, which averaged nearly 45 points a game behind the Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield, against the immovable object of Georgia’s fourth-ranked defense, which gave up 13.2 points a game. 


Baker Mayfield won the Heisman Trophy award. This is the second consecutive year a quarterback wins the award. Photo courtesy of creative commons. Gathered by Nadia Jahoda.  

“There is no way we are going to lose this game are you kidding me? We’re going to be way too hype and our defense is insane! C’mon now!” Yelled back Foroutan Gorgi, a junior at Woodstock and huge Dawg supporter.  

All in all, the playoff will be a huge success no matter who is in it. Ratings will go through the roof and it will be two great games. 




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