Frozen Waves – Chapter 8

A flash of light shone on the edge of the rainforest, and three dragons emerged from it. Nightwalker collapsed on the ground as they appeared, the teleport having drained him of energy.

“Night! Are you okay?” Hydro asked, rushing to help him up. Night blinked his eyes to regain focus and leaned on Hydro for support as they walked towards Avocet.

The SkyWing was struggling to stand, groans escaping from his throat as the pain from the burn on his stomach wracked every nerve in his body.
“Avocet, are you alright?” Hydro asked, steadying her half brother before rushing to the red dragon’s side. Avocet accepted her help gratefully, allowing her to lead him over to where Night was now sitting in the grass.

“Do you mind explaining why he is here?” Avocet said with a hint of a growl, his eyes narrowed at the NightWing.

“It’s… a long story.” Hydro said.

Avocet waved a talon. “We have all night.” He gestured towards the setting sun.

Hydro sighed. “Alright. It happened when you went out to find food, before Marco attacked…”

Hydro recounted Nightwalker’s story of her father, and explained how Night was her half brother. Avocet listened on in solemn silence, nodding his head occasionally.

“He only learned I was his half sister when he hypnotized me during the battle.” Hydro said. “He saw in to my mind and found out we had the same father.” She finished.

Avocet was silent for a moment before a long whistle escaped his lips. “Wow. Alright… That’s a lot to take in all at once.”

“It is, I know.” Hydro laughed dryly. “Imagine my surprise when I found out.”

“Hey, I’m not one to sugarcoat things.” Night shrugged. Avocet let out a snorting laugh, but it turned into a painful cough as his body was again wracked in pain. Hydro rushed to help him, but tripped on her injured leg and stumbled forward.

“Both of you are hurt- let me help.” Night said. He gently took their talons in his and whispered “Heal.”

Instantly, Hydro and Avocet began to feel their pain decrease. They watched in awe as their wounds seemed to simply melt away.

“Wow…” Hydro breathed. “Animus magic is incredible.”

Hydro watched as Night seemed to grit his teeth in pain, almost falling to one knee. “Y-Yeah, even if it takes a lot out of me.” He gave a dry laugh. “Still, as long as you two are okay, I can manage. Come on, we need to keep going.” He looked at Hydro and Avocet seriously. “You two have dragons to save.”

“Right, let’s get going!” Hydro said. Together, the three of them took off into the air, taking great care to avoid the bandits in the canyons as they made their way back towards the school.


Art by A Flame That is Amber on Art Enhancers Amino

As they flew, Hydro made it a point to talk with Nightwalker and learn more about him. She soon discovered he had quite a bit of an ego, and was very proud of himself. But she didn’t mind- she finally had family again. She wasn’t going to let go.

After two days of flying, with very little rest between, the trio made it back to Jade Mountain. Hydro nearly collapsed in exhaustion, but Night helped her up as they followed Avocet to the infirmary.

“Cactus!” Hydro called out. “We’re back!”

Cactus came running out of one of the back rooms, and his face lit up. “Hydro, Avocet! Did you get the herb?”

Avocet reached into his bag and pulled out the Grienfield. “We got it.” He said, though his words betrayed that more had happened.

Cactus, however, was too happy to care. “Oh, thank the moons! Come on, we gotta get this to them now. Hydro, lets go!”

Hydro followed Cactus towards where the two injured dragons were laying. Blood soaked the bandages wrapped around them, and every now and then, a weak groan would escape Bass’s mouth. However, Frigid was sitting upright, his eyes glazed over but looking peaceful.

“They’ve been getting worse.” Cactus said, passing the herb to Hydro. “I tried to give Bass some poppy seeds for the pain, but he insisted that Frigid get them.” He sighed. “Alright, what do you do first?”
“Marigold.” Hydro said. “Grind it in a bowl with Marigold and a little bit of water.”

“I’ll get it now!” Cactus rushed away and quickly returned with a talonfull on Marigold.

Taking the yellow flower, Hydro scooped some water from the small stream running through the back of the cavern and began to mix the herbs. When they had become a mashed pile of goop, she took it on her talon and began to walk towards Bass.

“N-No.” Bass struggled to say, the SeaWing weakly shaking his head. “F-Frigid first…”

Hydro looked to Cactus, who only sighed and nodded. Hydro turned towards Frigid and slowly unwrapped the bandages. His blue blood trickled out of the wounds he had, and Hydro’s eyes widened in shock. “Thats… a lot of blood.” She said. Taking a deep breath, she began to rub the medicine on Frigid’s wounds. Frigid bumbled out a string of random words as she worked.

“Green grass and flowers, and ice palaces, and oh look another dragon!” Frigid rambled. He looked at Hydro with a goofy smile on his face. “I love you,” He said, reaching to give her a hug. Hydro gave him a sharp glare, pushing him back. “Stay still, you’ll only hurt your wounds more.”

“You… dont love me?” Frigid then began to bawl, tears streaming down his face.

“What is up with him?” Hydro asked Cactus.

“I… may have given him too many pain meds.” Cactus chuckled nervously. “He’s a little… uh… high.”

Hydro snorted and turned back, allowing Cactus to comfort Frigid as she finished dressing his wounds.

“Will he be okay?” Night came to Hydro’s side, looking at the IceWing worriedly.

“He should be, in a few days.” Hydro finished dressing Frigid’s wounds and wrapped them back up in bandages. “Now, for Bass.”

“Too late.”

Hydro turned towards where Avocet had spoken, beside the still form of Bass. The SeaWing teacher’s flank didn’t move, and his body was stiff.

“Bass is dead.”

Cactus gasped and ran towards Bass’s body, prompting Frigid to begin crying again before suddenly collapsing and falling asleep.

“N-No… How?” Cactus asked nobody in particular.

“He wanted us to tread Frigid first… and as a result, he died.” Avocet lowered his head. “Bass was a great teacher and a good friend. He will be missed.”

“Ohhh, I’ll have to report this to Clay! What’s he gonna say? We’ll have to shut down the school! Oh why can’t we just go one year without something bad happening?” Cactus sighed. “Alright… You three should go, I’ll take care of this.” Cactus gestured to Night. “And you, I don’t know who you are, but if you’re with them, you’re fine. You can stay in Hydro’s dorm.”

Hydro nodded. “Come on, Night.” She said, leading the way sadly to her dorm. Night glanced between Bass’s body and Hydro, then silently, he followed.


Nightwalker- Art by Kylee Jones

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