NFL Network Staff Members Accused of Sexual Harassment


Donovan McNabb, calling the Middle Tennessee and Marshall football game.

marhsall faulk

Marshall Faulk giving his speech while be inducted into NFL Hall of Fame.


Jami Cantor at a photoshoot




Staff Writer: Preston Stubblefield


NFL Network analysts Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor, and Heath Evans, and former NFL Network employees Donovan McNabb and Eric Weinberger are accused of sexual harassment and assault in a lawsuit by Jami Cantor, a former stylist at the network. The lawsuit accuses the five men of sending inappropriate and sexual text messages to Cantor and touching her inappropriately.

Faulk, Evans and Taylor have all been suspended by NFL Network while Weinberger has been placed on indefinite leave by The Ringer, his current job. According to the report, the lawsuit accuses Faulk and Evans of groping Cantor and asking personal and inappropriate questions about her sex life. The lawsuit also accuses Weinberger and Taylor of sending nude pictures and videos to Cantor, with Taylor allegedly sending a video to Taylor of himself masturbating in the shower. Weinberger allegedly told Cantor that she was “put on earth to pleasure” him whatever hell that means.

The accuser, Jami Cantor, was a wardrobe stylist for the NFL Network before she was fired in October 2016. All four athletes worked for the network at some point. While McNabb is no longer employed by the station, Faulk, Taylor and Evans have all been suspended by the network pending further investigation.

McNabb allegedly sent Cantor sexually explicit messages and comments while working together. Taylor allegedly sent the stylist video of him masturbating in the shower as well as other “sexually inappropriate” photos of himself. Evans is also accused of sending Cantor nude photos of himself on two separate occasions. Faulk allegedly took it a step further, inviting her to his hotel room only to pull out his privates unexpectedly.  She also claims he pinned her against the wall. It doesn’t end there. ESPN analyst and NFL Hall of Fame candidate Donovan McNabb was also named in the lawsuit as well as Hall of Fame inductee Warren Sapp and former network employee Marc Watts. McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles record breaking quarterback, left the network in 2013, but then lost his analyst job with Fox Sports after pleading guilty to drinking and driving in November 2015. Sapp was fired from the NFL Network in 2015 after being arrested for assault.

The three suspended NFL Network analysts all come from championship squads. Faulk, is a seven-time Pro Bowler who played for the Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Rams. He won the Super Bowl with the Rams after the 1999 and is considered one of the greatest running backs to ever play. Taylor, played a dozen years with the Pittsburgh Steelers and helped them capture their fifth and sixth Super Bowl titles before retiring in 2015. Evans, played for four teams during his decade-long career, winning a championship with the New Orleans Saints in 2010 hanging it up in 2011.

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