Trivia for 500 Dollars?

Section Writer: Hannah Suh

Yes it is true, lacrosse season is beginning. While the players are just wrapping up conditioning, the coaches are already starting to think about how to improve and help run the program. The girls lacrosse coaches organized an amazing night of fellowship, fun, and trivia in order to kickoff the season.

On Dec. 5, the girls lacrosse team held a trivia night at Keegans right on Buckhead Crossing. Keegans holds trivia nights regularly, so everything went smoothly. The questions varied from very hard to pretty easy, covering many different categories. Each player could make a team, or more than one team, of five players. Each player had to pay 20 dollars in order to participate, but could win a whopping 500 dollars if they won!

Each team was determined to win the prize. Players gathered up their smartest friends and family, and started their trivia night at 6 p.m. The very serious competition lasted until around 8 p.m. , giving out question after question, testing the knowledge of the opponents there, until finally the last question was on the board. The players were risking all of their points for this one question that could determine who gets the 500 dollars.

The last question ended up leaving them with a tie between two teams. In order to determine the winner, they were given a tiebreaker question. Both of the teams anxiously went to the front and awaited their fate. The question was out, and both teams anxiously discussed and wrote down their answers. The winners of the trivia night were members of Jordan Daniel’s team, one of our new players this year. Her team took home the 500 dollars, most likely splitting it up between the players.

Tess Cope, a sophomore, stated how, “Trivia night for the girls lacrosse was a blast. Even though we knew only one team would be savy enough to win, my team and I took that opportunity and tried. Getting 8th place with my team was worth it, although winning would have been nice.”

And Mackenzie Rich, a sophomore, told me that, “It was probably more intense than any lacrosse game I’ve ever been in. I didn’t win but it was still fun and I learned a lot of pointless facts that night.”

The girls Woodstock Lacrosse team would like to thank Keegans for hosting the trivia night. They had the best caesar salad there and an amazing staff. We would also like to thank all of the teams who participated. It was hard gathering so many teams, but it was amazing to see how many people cared about helping the team, and playing trivia of course. Hopefully in the future we will be able to show all of the people who helped an amazing team!



A crowd full of geniuses take in the Lady Wolverines Lacrosse Trivia Night at Keegens on December 5th!

Photo Courtesy of: Casey Clouse obtained by Daniela Salame


Teams of five work together to figure out the answers to the questions that were asked. The team raised a lot of money at 20 dollars a player and 100 dollars per team!

Photo Courtesy of: Casey Clouse obtained by Daniela Salame

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