World Population Increase

Staff Writer: Foroutan Gorgi

How much of an effect does over-population put on us humans?
The population on earth has increased A LOT over the past 70 years. Around 1950, the world population was around 2.5 billion, and now… it is around 8 billion. At this rate we’re going to be over 10 billion by 2060. The world population has been increasing dramatically as you can see, what is going to happen if we over populate? More trees will be cut down… more urban areas… loss of natural resources… global warming… more over-crowded roads… The world will be so packed you can probably physically tell.


“ A crowded night in New York City as this place looks over populated. This is what it can look like in an average night in 100 years.”- Madison Killian
If more trees get cut down, we will lose more wild life because they will lose their homes. Chris Carrol, 11th grade student, told me, “that isn’t fair, because animals are just like us humans and don’t deserve to get their homes taken from them.” Urban areas will begin to be over-populated, and rural areas will begin to be urban. This will lead to more air-pollution. The more people we have around, then the more trash we have on the roads, more nasty air we breathe around us and it can be harmful. More urban areas also lead to high demand in more resources around them. Over population leads to a more loss of natural resources. Fresh-water will start running out, gas will be scarce, and coal and other top used resources will start running out. Global warming is a big factor as well. The ice bergs in the North and South Pole will start melting, water levels will rise up, and we will start getting more floods. You also can’t forget about over-crowded roads. This will also lad to environmental air pollution and a lot more traffic. Over-crowded roads will also lead to more roads being built which means there will be even more habitats lost and new roads that everyone has to learn.
As you can see, I named a FEW of the problems world population causes. There is so much more stuff caused by over-population that can be bad to us humans, but I hope people will understand that this is a serious issue and it can do a lot of damage to our world. It has increased DRAMATICALLY over the past 70 years. So the million dollar question… How do we fix over-population? It’s a process.

“This is a graph that shows the overpopulation rate since the 1900’s, look at the dramatic skew since 1950.” – Madison Killian

Preston Stubblefield, 11th grade student, says his theory is, “We need to stop having babies at such a young age.” We need to reduce birth to less than 2 babies average. I know it sounds hard, but it is what it is. If we can do that, the population will decline and be sustainable! The decline of birth is literally the only way we can decrease population.

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