Finals week is here make sure to turn in your early release forums!

Staff writer: JoJo Ewing Finals week is finally upon us if you’ve listened to my last article, which I know none of you did, you will be set and prepared for this week. As the ever-closing pit of failure closes in now would be a good time to say your prayers and hope for the best. As this week closes out most teachers aren’t accepting late work or even make up work, seeing as they gave you an entire semester to get our act together this one is on you. Most of you a probably riding on the fact that homeroom counts as a credit, so you don’t really care if you fail a class, but failing a class lowers your GPA and a low GPA means you won’t go to a good college and if you don’t go to a good college you’ll end up at McCy D’s or even worse a journalism teacher.
Also, please don’t forget do your TAA quizzes or you’ll end up like my friend Amari repeating senior year “I didn’t understand the importance of those stupid TAA until Mr. Manzella came to my house and told me I was goanna end up like my father.”. (Amari McCain, Junior) You could also end up my like friend sage failing 8 classes in a 7-period day, still trying to work out the math on how that’s possible. “It’s the end of the year no point in making up 7 credits”, (Sage Carino, junior in a freshman homeroom). As a great man once said “’’Tis better to fail a peasant then to fail as a king!”(Derek Garcia, senior), so why bother trying to keep all A’s and fail on class when you can just fail them all and rule as a 21yo senior?
Back to a serious topic, make sure to return your early release forums, unless your reading this over the weekend then Rest In Peace. The school can and will be held responsible for your idiotic actions if you don’t return that forum and you leave school. Now most of you don’t this this is a big deal but if you get hurt and your parents sue the school other kids will be pissed they didn’t think of it first. Then the school will tighten its already iron grip on the student body, forcing us to rise up in a revolt against the teachers all because YOU didn’t get a simple forum signed.
All that being said, real talk for a second. Don’t forget to study for your finals you don’t want to fail a class because you didn’t study for a test that’s 10% of your final grade. You’ve worked hard for your solid 73 in that class don’t fail now! Turn in those forms and remember I really don’t care about your well being, to be honest I couldn’t care less. I’m just a boy trying to pass an easy class with a 74. Good luck wolverines! You’re gonna need it…

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