2018 Lacrosse Season Preveiw

Main Topic: The 2018 Varsity and JV, girls and boys season is finally here. Both teams have been working hard since the beginning of the season. The boys have been practicing / conditioning since there very first 4-on-1 on August 25. The grind has yet stop because they had a 2months of 4-on1’s and then went straight into conditioning every week after school. They now practice every day after school throughout the weekday. Practice for the boys takes place on Mondays: 3:45-5:45 and Tuesday- Thursday from 5:15-7:15.  


Big Boy Ryan Martin probably just decked someone.Photo Courtesy: Carter Maczko 

The girls have been putting in work too. They also have practice every single day after school, but it takes place from 3:30 to 5:30 at the lower practice field. Both teams are preparing for their first games coming up and they are more than ready with all this work they’ve put in. 


Colin Gaines droughts off the field smiling because of all the fun he was having. Photo Courtsey: Carter Maczko 

The new guys Varsity coach, Peter Mandrano, came in with a specific plan to make it to the playoffs. Woodstock lacrosse teams are not known to be very dominant and haven’t made the playoffs in years. Coach Manderano came in ready to change the stereotype put on the Woodstock high school lacrosse program. He has a really great plan set up for the guys offense and defense. 

Coach and his players have very high hopes for the season coming up. The seniors have waited four years with four different coaches and they are hungry for a trip to the playoffs. Coach is going to try everything in his power to teach the stuff that the players need to know to make this dream happen. Coach says they have a motto set for every practice, so that they have a goal every practice and that will end up being the key to the playoffs. 


Not in my house! Photo courtesy : Carter Maczko

Coach Mason Wren, the JV boys coach, tells his players every day that they got to “EAT”. EAT is an acronym for effort, attitude and toughness. He claims that if everyone plays with a lot of effort, a good attitude, and 110% toughness every practice and every game that there is no way that the team won’t do great. Coach Wren has been in the program for three years and he is ready to get his best season with all the new freshman coming up. 

In case you missed it: The Varsity boys have a settled scrimmage against Sequoyah’s varsity team on February 6 which they have been preparing for a long time. The first game day for the boys is February 13 where they play Hillgrove at the Wood. The girls varsity team also has a settled scrimmage on February 2, where they play Harrison. The girl Varstity and JV’s first game day is Febuary 22 where they play at Mt Paran. 8B11F901-5F75-4087-88B9-74E8BE3A2A59

Quotable: Coach Peter has some pretty interesting quotes. One of his favorite, he says, is “if you don’t like your position, CHANGE IT!” He really lets his players know that if they don’t like where they are at on the team they should do something about it to change it. Another one of his favorite quotes is ” I only play the best players, so if you want to play become the best player.” Coach Wren and Coach Klaus (girls’ varsity coach) also have some pretty intriguing quotes. Coach Wren always tells his players that “space is your friend on the lacrosse field”. Coach Klaus tells her girls that they “can’t be stopped if they don’t stop” both of these quotes are very motivational and the teams take pride in those quotes. 

Off the Field: The lacrosse program believes in doing stuff off the field to help the community out. They have already cleaned up the practice field for all the activities that go on down there, and they’re doing a fundraiser to raise money for Red Cross. 

By the Numbers: The program is yet to have games so there is no statistics as of now


Luke Wiggin with the death stare. Photo Coutsey: Carter Maczko

, but once the season starts coach Peter says “Don’t worry, there will be plenty of statistics by the end of the season.” 

Looking ahead on the season: All four teams hope to make it to the playoffs, but first they have to ball in the regular season.  

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