Best-Case Scenario and Worst-Case Scenario for each projected top 5 Pick

Staff Writer: Corey Darko

Once again, the 2018 NBA draft is stacked with potential franchise-altering talents. While the 2017 draft class had more depth, the 2018 draft arguably has more players with superstar potential. As a result, we will be breaking down the best and worst case scenario for the projected top ten picks in this draft..

  1. Deandre Ayton. Best Case- Scenario: Joel Embiid. To put it simply, Ayton is the most dominant big men college basketball has seen since Anthony Davis. He has all the athleticism, post touch, and flashes 3-point shooting. While he has been criticized for his defense, he has a 7’5″ wingspan and 40-inch vertical which is athletic enough to become a dominant defender, similar to Embiid in college who had the ability to flashes two-way dominance. If all goes well he could became Embiid with even more upside simply because he is more mobile than Embiid.




  1. Caption: Compared to Joel Embiid by General Managers, Deandre Ayton is seen as the best prospect in this class
  2. Credit: Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by Foroutan Gorgi. 

Worst Case: Kwame Brown. Brown’s lack of love for the game was the biggest knock on brown which could affect Ayton. Despite being the most talented player in this class, scouts have questions if he truly loves the game simply because he has moments of low intensity and poor effort. Brown is living proof physical tools and raw talent aren’t enough if you have low passion and effort.

2.Lukae Doncic. Best Case-Secnario: A bigger Manu Ginobli. Imagine if Ginobli had his own team and was able to be the focal point of an offense? That will most likely be Doncic ceiling based on his incredible vision, his craftiness and good shooting. Doncic isn’t as explosive as a young Ginobli was, but he had as good vision and can argue he was more polished than Manu Was at his age.



Caption: Dominating the Euroleague at just 18 years old, Luka Doncic is seen as the best European prospect of the last decade.

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by Foroutan Gorgi.

Worst-Case Scenario: Mario Hezonja with better vision and handles. Therefore scouts love Doncic, he is probably the safest player in this class. If his lack of athleticism and defense shows in the NBA, his vision and shooting will still most likely translate. People might hate this comparison considering Henzonja has been a disappointment. However, Hezonjas shooting will be a asset in today’s NBA similar to how Doncic’s playmaking and shooting most likely will as well.

3.Marvin Bagley Best Case-Scenario: Kevin Garnett. To put it simply, Bagley is a flat-out dog. His high motor, rebounding dominance, and similar body type is a huge reason why he is so often compared to Garnett and it is flat out true. Bagley plays with passion and can argue he was a better shooter than Garnett was at the same age. His average wingspan for his size concerns scouts about his ability to defend power forwards and his slender frame wonder how he will defended centers. However, if his shot continues improving, his rebounding translates, and his great handle for a big man translate, we could be looking at the prospect with the most potential In this class.




  1. Credit: Photo Courtesy of creative commons. Gathered by Foroutan Gorgi.
  2.   Caption: Many Hawks fans seen talented Big man Marvin Bagley as the best fit for their team. 

Worst-Cast Scenario: Clint Capela. While this wouldn’t be a bad player, it would be disappointing considering his potential. Bagley’s high motor will lead to many lob dunks and his ability to run the floor is similar to Capela. If Bagley fails to evolve his skills and his post-game doesn’t develop as expected, he will still be an active big man who is able to catch rebounds, run the floor and dunk off of passes a ton.

4.Trae Young Best-Case scenario: Steph Curry. Yes, many great college shooters like Buddy Hield, Jimmer Fredette and even briefly Tyler Dorsey during his March Madness hot streak have been tapped as the next curry. However, none of them were able to dominate the game in both scoring and playmaking the way Trae Young is. Not to mention Trae Young is only 19 years and a freshmen in college compared to Hield and Fredette who broke out their senior years. Young not only has the ability to shoot off the dribble, but also off the ball despite not being asked much considering he has the highest usage rate in college. What makes Trae Young’s potential scary is he is a much better passer than Curry was in college as he is leading the nation in assist to go along with scoring. People who say Curry is much bigger than Young need to check themselves as Young is 6’2″ and Curry is 6’3″. If Trae Young’s shooting, amazing ball-handling, and Playmaking are able to translate, were looking at Curry-type potential.


  1. Caption: Many NBA see Trae Young as the best all-around shooting prospect they’ve scouted since the great Steph Curry.
  2. Credit: Photo Courtesy of creative commons. Gathered by Foroutan Gorgi.

Worst-Case scenario: Jimmer Fredette. This is the scary fact about Young. If his game doesn’t translate he could very well end like Jimmer: whose jump shot didn’t translate mixed with a small frame and horrible defense. This lead to him being out of the league in three years. While young has much better handles and vision than Fredette, those concerns attached to Fredette are the same concerns with Trae Young.

5. Michael Porter Jr: Best-Case scenario: Poor-man’s Kevin Durant. Michael Porter Jr. has not played a single college game and is still projected as a top 5 draft pick. That just proves how special of a talent porter is. He has the ability to score from anywhere good athlete and limitless range. Despite not having the explosiveness and legnth of Durant, everything else Porter can do is similar to a young Durant.


  1. Credit: Photo Courtesy Of Creative Commons. Gathered by Foroutan Gorgi.
  2. Caption: Many Orlando Magic fans, including Chris Carroll, see Michael Porter Jr as not only the most talnted player in this class, but the future of their franchise.

Wort-Case Scenario: Michael Beasley. Worst case for porter is he can still be a decent scorer but fails to develop an all-around game like what Michael Beasley is. If you have watched Beasley, you know he is a very talented scorer. However, his defense is awful, he has bad vision and his dominant rebounding in college failed to translate to the NBA. Porter is a little more athletic than Beasley, however if he fails to grow as an all-around player Beasley would be his worst case.

To sum it up there are many talented players in the draft class even outside the top 5 like Mo Bamba and Colin Sexton, however these five players have to most potential in this class simply because each top 5 player has a unique skill set.


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