Donald Trump Is Incompetent at Being President

Staff Writer: Liam Gillin

Donald Trump is dumbfoundingly, emphatically, disturbingly, egregiously, horribly bad at being the President of the United States of America. I cannot think of other words to express this, so here I am telling people what many of them already know. Jeez, I feel like Michael Wolff up in this madhouse.

Yeah, remember his book, Fire and Fury? We had that knowledge. The parts that mattered, that is to say.


Donald Trump is the President. I can’t believe it either.


Donald J. Trump has shown display after display of incompetence, as well as sign after sign and omen after omen of mental deterioration.


This is the opposite of the face of stability.


For example; he has slurred his words on national United States television, a frightening sign of Alzheimer’s. We have to remember and take in for account that Trump is 71 years old, already the oldest person to take office and presidential authority in the history of this country. Mental wellness in the lacking could very much be a factor here.


The true enemy of Donald Trump: the wind.


Sometimes, Donald Trump does not even seem to have a basic understanding of the ebb and flow of his duties to his own cabinet and Republican party members. That alone should make one feel dread over his total drive to serve the American people as a whole.

Take a look back at one of the DACA bill meetings, if you will.

DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, has ensured the sanctuary of thousands of youths and young adults in the United States. Many of these “dreamers”, as they are called, were brought into the U.S. as infants without say or control over the matter. Without DACA, these children of immigrants would all be sent back to a country that they have never even known. Not only their parents and grandparents, and other relatives.

In basically put terms, Republicans want to kill DACA. They want “dreamers” gone. Trump, however, evidently had to be REMINDED what his party’s interests in the matter were.


Donald Trump clearly lacks any knowledge of what he just agreed to, judging by the shock on people’s faces.


It was bizarre to watch as Donald Trump said that he would “like” to pass a “clean” DACA bill, which would restore protections for over 700,000 undocumented immigrants against deportation. Additionally, Trump said that he would “take the heat” for the aforementioned passing of such a comprehensive immigration reform policy. One that would offer a path to eventual citizenship.

“I think a lot of people would like to do DACA first,” Trump said. This shows, intensely, how little Trump pays attention to or knows what is going on right smack-dab in front of him.


Donald Trump has to have everything EXPLAINED to him in the middle of the meeting.


The most hysterically warped part of this whole scene was when House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy actually had to jump in the middle of things and redirect Trump’s supposed good will of intentions.

This is, indubitably, a bizarre and outrageous shock to both Democrats and Republicans alike. Woodstock High School teacher John Gillin had the following statement to provide when asked if Donald Trump was incompetent with the odd DACA bill meeting; “Well, on the first one where he told the Democrats he would give them a clean DACA bill, he was clearly unprepared because he didn’t know what he was saying.”

Inquiring further on whether this is a display of poor leadership; ” Yes,” said John Gillin. “When Tom Cotton basically told him what to think and he changed his tune, that shows bad leadership.”

So, with that said, more than one cabinet member of Trump’s party tried to stop him from ruining their efforts.

Finally, I asked Gillin his personal thoughts on Donald Trump as a leader of this country. “I think he only wants to lead the people who voted for him,” said Gillin.

Trump has proven, on multiple accounts, that he is incompetent and unfit for office. The point of this that I am desperately trying to make, however, is that this is no secret to anyone. This is not even an open secret.

So, how long will we play this charade?

Photos: Armando Carrillo-Rendon

Courtesy of Creative Commons

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