Insidious: The Last Key review

(slight spoilers inbound)

Staff writer: Jeaighieh Ewing.

This movie is the fourth Insidious movie in the series so far. The movie serves as a sequel to the previous movie Insidious Chapter 3, both movies take place before the events of the first movie making this installment for the film series a sequel to the prequel. This film follows in the steps of the previous one by following the character Elise Rainier and her life prior to the events of the first film. A malevolent demon is terrorizing her old house, so she must return and face her Inner demons (no pun intended) while trying to purge this one.

Like most films that directors state will be the last in the series, this movie was supposed to answer questions left by the previous three films. Insidious the last key instead forgets the previous movies cliff hanger and instead picks up at an unknown time still prior to the first film. The events of this movie aren’t told in chronological order which makes it harder for some viewers to understand, to make it easier on myself I’m going to tell it in order. Elise Rainier the “psychic” established in the previous films and the protagonist of Insidious Chapter 3 starts this story as a young girl. The movie shows her first house and the place where her powers manifest. As a child her father was a warden at a prison, bring that he is the warden their house is comically close to the prison, a prison in which they follow through with executions, I’m sure you can see where this is going. Young Elise starts to see ghost of prisoners that were executed, and even though her mom believes her abusive dad believes his daughter is lying to get attention. Long story short her dad gets possessed and starts kidnaping women and killing them, putting their bodies in a suite case before outing them in dug out tunnels. Elise as a young girl even sees one of his dad’s victims at one point believing her to just be another ghost. After a falling out with her father she then runs away from home. The story goes on from here. Ghosts, demons, death, jump scares, a basic “horror” movie.

This movie overall wasn’t that bad. Compared to some other fills that dare call themselves horror movies this one is just slightly above those while sadly it falls slightly short. While this movie is holding the Insidious name, after the sequel these past two movies haven’t really held up their end of the bargain, apart from this film. The other films have left plenty of questions, such as the existence of the red doors, and who was the first person to enter the “further”. This movie aimed to answer those questions, but it felt like it was so cram-full of exposition and “answers” the film forgot to be what I was meant to be… a horror movie. The thing with prequals is that us as the audience knows there is no real danger to most of the characters, and any other side character isn’t on screen long enough for us to make a physical attachment so any “deaths” in the film feel flat, static, and unrememberable. The film its self wasn’t bad, and I would recommend the watch if you want to complete the series but don’t come into this film expecting too much or you will leave disappointed. Overall score, 7/10.


Other reviews for this film.

Jed Hacker, “The film was scary, but the acting was slightly off, and the ending was… ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

Randy Nguyn, “Overall great movie I still think the first and the second were the best but this one was way better than the last film”.

Hunter Leonard, “I don’t get scared of horror movies but this one was laughably bad, and every jump scare could be seen from a mile away”.

Isaiah Hall, “To be honest it was pretty good, the scares were on point and it answered all the questions I had except it completely brushed pass the last movies cliff hanger”.

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