Refs Need to go Back and Read the Rule Book


#13, the man who saved the day


Mercedes Benz Stadium, where the national championship was played

January 8, National Championship. Alabama vs. Georgia. There were four controversy calls that all went against the team from Athens. Probably the most important one came early in the third quarter when Georgia was winning 13-0 and they were “offsides” and the ref threw the flag. Georgia would`ve gotten the ball in their red zone. Instead Alabama got to punt the ball and Georgia took it at their own 30. On the next upcoming possession for Georgia on third down Deandre Swift ran the ball and was face masked and again there was no penalty on the play. It would`ve given the dawgs the ball on the 50-yard line with first and 10.   


Late in the third quarter Jake Fromm rolled out of the pocket and ended up getting sacked for a three-yard loss on the play. After the play was over the Alabama defender shoved Fromm`s head into the ground which should be an unsportsmanlike conduct and a 15-yard penalty automatic first down. But no, once again the refs missed another call. “Worst officiating of all time” -Chris Carroll(11th). “I could’ve called that flag and I`m blind” -Kagen Gilliand(11th). Late in the fourth quarter Georgia is up by seven and Alabama has the ball inside Georgia`s 10-yard line. It`s fourth and four and Alabama`s running back jumped, and which in the rulebook it says it’s a five-yard penalty and the play resets. So, with that it would’ve been fourth and nine from the 12, 13-yard line. With the first down being the three-yard line. “How do you NOT see him jumping.” -Radi Krastev(11th). Instead Alabama scored and tied it up. 


Javon Wims dropping a pass


Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. They have gone 5-1 in their super bowl performances throughout their careers together. On February 4, the New England Patriots will face the Philadelpha Eagles in Minnesota. Philadelpha cruised their selves to the super bowl defeating the Minnesota Vikings 38-7. New England on the other hand a hard time defeating the Eagles, but with a little help from the refs. On multiple occasion the refs called the wrong flag or called a flag that wasn`t a flag. The main official of the officiating crew was the first person to congratulate the five-time super bowl winner after his win Sunday. Right before the half was over the Patriots were desperate for points and sure enough their friends wearing the white and black stripes had their back. Tom Brady threw a 40-yard throw towards the sideline around the 10-yard line, A.J. Boyue played perfect defense on the wide receiver and sure enough they called pass-interference resulting in 32-yard gain. Which ended resulting into a late touchdown before the half was over. “I have came to conclusion that the NFL is rigged.” -William Callahan (11th)  

The Alabama Crimson Tide and the New England Patriots are cheaters!!! 

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