Running through life with Anna Burnett

Section Writer: Hannah Suh

When I started Cross Country last season, I was overwhelmed by the amount of support and teamwork our Woodstock Cross Country team had. Each and every one of the teammates were very kind, determined, and uplifting. One of my teammates was Anna Burnett, a junior. She has an amazing time of 18:14 for a 5k race, and stays super humble about it. Even in the interview below she is super humble about all of her amazing accomplishments and gives all glory to God, her family, teammates, and coaches.

What do you do in order to maintain such a good time? How much do you practice?

“Listen to what Coach Scharich says. He’s got a method to what he tells us to do. I practice six days a week (running about 30-35 miles each week).”


Anna and her amazing coach, Kirk Scharich, together after running her 5k

Photo courtesy of Amy Burnett obtained by Ashley Watkins

How long have you been running for? Do you wish you started earlier?

“I have been running non-competitively since I was in elementary school just for fun with my family, but I started running against other people the second half of my freshman year. I am happy I did not start running on a team earlier because I love trying new things, and I do not want to get burned out. ”


Meet of champs 2017!

Photo courtesy of Any Burnett obtained by Ashley Watkins

What are some things that motivate you to do so well? It could be people, goals, or anything else.

“The biggest person that motivates me is God, if it wasn’t for him I couldn’t do what I do. The second thing that motivates me is being able to run for my family, and letting them know I’m so thankful for all the support they have given me over the years of me playing sports. “

What do you like the most about running? Whether it’s in races or just during practice.

“My absolute favorite thing about running is running with the team. They make running so enjoyable, and I am so thankful to have such great people surrounding me at practice and at meets.”


Our Woodstock Girls after becoming State bound!!

Photo courtesy of Anna Burnett obtained by Ashley Watkins

Other than running, do you have any other activities that you enjoy?

“Other than running, I love spending time with my family. They are my world, and I’m so thankful they care for me as much as they do. “


The Burnett Family gathered up for the holidays!

Photo courtesy of Anna Burnett’s Family obtained by Ashley Watkins

What are some of your future plans if you have any?

“My future plans could do anyway, but I know that I want to get a degree at college wherever I end up going. “

Do you have any life mottos or quotes?

“My favorite quote by far is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” because it is so powerful.”

What do you think about to keep you so positive and determined?

“I think about what my end goal is. The question I put in my mind is, “What do you want to be remembered for?’”

While running with her, I always wondered what kept her so motivated and determined, and now I know that it is God, family, and the team! It was so amazing being able to run with her and everyone else on the team. She really is someone who lifts up the team and keeps them going strong while also being supported by the team members! I can’t even begin to tell you how much her strength helped me during my season.


AT&T invitational meet

Photo courtesy of Milesplit obtained by Ashley Watkins

One of her coaches is Kirk Scharich. He is the school’s Cross Country and Track Coach, and has been training Anna for two years. In the brief interview below, we can see how he has been able to see Anna progress and grow as a person and runner.

What do you think makes Anna such a great runner?

“I believe that she is someone who is very competitive and disciplined.”

What is something you do in order to constantly motivate the whole team?

“I try to get them to believe in themselves and set goals.”

How have you seen Anna improve over the years?

“She has improved much more than I could have ever imagined!”

How much do you believe that teamwork affects how the team runs?

“Teamwork affects the team a lot. When one is running hard and doing well, it feeds off the rest of the team!”

As you can see, each person on the team is very important. People usually believe that a race is mostly individual, but it depends on the whole team. As a team member, Anna has a very important role just as each and every one of the other teammates do. Her being so motivating and uplifting helps the team out so much more than she can even imagine. Her determination along with the rest of the team’s is what makes the Woodstock Cross Country team so great.

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