What about after High School?

untitled.pngStaff writer: Jordan VanDyke

This month I thought it would be interesting to talk to someone who has already finished high school and has had time to look back and reflect on his senior year. Ryan VanDyke graduated in 2016 and since then has had major accomplishments. I asked him a few questions to get a little insight on his past experiences in high school.

What was your senior project on?

My senior project was on Business Finance and how to open your own business.

Do you think senior project benefited you?

Yes, I definitely think it benefitted me tons. I really had no thought on what I wanted to do until I really got invested into my project. It even helped me decide what I wanted my major to be. Im honestly glad high schools make us do it.

What was your favorite part in high school?

My favorite part of high school was all the friends I made. In all I have made friends I will have in my life for the rest of my life. Also the amount of support I had from all of my teachers senior year was probably one of the only reasons I got everything done. They all believed in me which made it all worth it.

Looking back on high school do you wish to have done anything differently?

I think I really would have studied and focused on my grades my freshmen and sophomore year so maybe my GPA could have been slightly higher. Other than that everything else went smoothly throughout high school.

How did you choose which college you wanted to go to?

I made a Georgia Futures account and picked out some options of things I wanted in a college including location, class options, and size of the campus. Which is when I picked to go to Reinhardt University.

How is Reinhardt going so far?

I am loving it so far! It is an amazing school. All of my professors are very helpful and great at what they do. I have met some awesome people and am thrilled to continue my education there.

Would you say college is similar to high school?

Hm, in ways. College is definitely harder and there is more to study and more to do but you’re doing it for your whole future, It will feel like more of an accomplishment when you finish.

Are you happy with the path you’ve chosen to go down?

100%, I am very happy that Woodstock led me to the path I have chosen and I am so excited for my future.

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