Woodstock’s January Sports

Staff Writer: Matthew Sanchez

The Woodstock men’s golf team hopes to have a very successful year led by Coach Kelly Burke. Last year they qualified for state but because of some problems with players some were sent home. The remaining players still had the chance to compete as individuals. Ben Fey, a freshman at the time, got top 10 for his individual performance. Coach Burke says that she hopes to qualify for state again and have a good team performance this year. Tryouts are coming up soon. They are expected to be the week after February break, with the first golf tournament a few weeks after. Drew Brennan, senior at Woodstock, is a returning player and he said, “I am expecting that we can make it back to state playoffs and I want to set the tone as a senior.”

The Woodstock women’s golf team had a pretty successful year last year but this year they have big shoes to fill after losing a few seniors. Coach Anita Dodd led the team to finish 9th in the state. Star player Abby Bolt finished number 1 in the state. After she graduated, it is going to be tough to replace her but Coach Dodd believes they can do it and have a strong year. Woodstock junior, Maggie Zeigler, says “I think we are going to be good this year, we have a good freshman who will help us out a lot, and I am looking forward to see how we do.” According to Coach Dodd, the team’s goals for the year are to qualify for state again and have a good team performance and have the chance to place top 10 for the second year. The season starts in February and the tournament and matches go through May.

The Woodstock Men’s soccer team has a lot of potential this year. After having a decent year last year, they believe they can do even better this year and finish with a winning record. While talking to Coach Chris Meeks, he said, “With a lot of new players I believe we have a lot of potential although being in a tough region.” Star player, Woodstock junior Uriel Rodriguez, is in his 3rd year of being on the varsity team and he is expected to be the leader of the team. Last year the team lost 12 seniors so there is a lot of new and young players who have the chance to show out. This year there are six seniors that will be leaders of the team. Coach’s goals for the season is to make state and he believes they can beat their region although there is a lot of talent.

The Woodstock girls soccer team has been through some tough times. Last year they had a team full of talent but they could find any consistency. They did not have the year they wanted and they ended up losing 4 seniors. When talking to Coach Jenae Rose, she said “We are in a rebuilding year, but my goals have not changed. The majority of our players are new to our program, but we have a lot of talent despite being young. Our goal is to finish the region in the top four so we can advance to state playoffs. It will not be easy, but it is definitely obtainable!” She thinks it will be a tough year but thinks they can pull it out. The team has a lot of young players so Coach Rose is excited to see the talent. Anna Gustafson is a returning player and is expected to be a key player and she will look to lead the team.

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