A team above all. Above all a team.

Staff writer: Alonna Wood

Woodstock’s girl’s tennis team is right around the corner from this year’s tennis season. Losing three seniors last year (Paige steppe, Kara Landsidel , Sydney Bridge) after making a great run in state going to the sweet sixteen , this year definitely holds high expectations for the girls. Tryouts were just held on February, 1st which determine this year’s Varsity team member’s, the lineup then will vary from time to time until state which then cannot be changed.

Girls Varsity team:

Alonna Wood(Junior) Line 1 singles

Megan Hackett (Senior) Line 2 singles

Gillian Bosko(Junior) Line 3 singles or Line 2 doubles (will vary)

Lorelai Wood (sophomore) Line 2 doubles or Line 3 singles (will vary)

Katelynn Hackett (sophomore) Line 1 doubles

Taylor Nelson (Senior)Line 1 doubles

Mackenzie Englert(Junior) Line 2 doubles


This years varsity team Photo courtesy:Daniela Salame


varsity head coach photo courtesy:Daniela Salame

Dani Salame(Junior)

This year’s team consists of two new team members Daniela Salame and Mackenzie Englert the girl’s tennis team is very excited to grow with them as a part of their team and have new talent added to the team. The girls are very excited to be able to help the team out in any way and are willing to fight for the chance for Woodstock’s girls to make it all the way this year.

The seniors Taylor Nelson and Megan Hackett are very excited to give it their last run and give it their all this season, they expect the team to go very far and see great potential in the girl’s tennis team. The team is very close and the girls are all considered family to each other. Megan Hackett and Taylor Nelson are going to miss this team very much but our excited to leave some very awesome memories and moments well spent for their last season with the girls’ tennis team.


Taylor Nelson and Megan Hackett the seniors!!! photo courtesy: Daniela Salame 

Player interview of Taylor Nelson:

Taylor Nelson has played varsity all four years of her high school experience, playing 2 doubles her freshman year with Sydney bridge a graduate and moving up to 1 doubles for the next two years continuing to play with her until she hit her senior year. Sydney bridge has graduated and Taylor needs to adapt to a new playing style with a new partner this year, Taylor knows this year will challenge her, but she is excited to give it her all and never give up. Taylor excels in the classroom getting the GPA academic award for the girl’s tennis team for the past two years and is excited to pursue that this year as well. Taylor loves the sport so much as she grew up playing most her life and will miss the team atmosphere very much.

Where do you see the team going this year?

“I think the team has the potential to go very far this year as long as we keep our focus and play for each other, not just for ourselves”.” That will make us the most successful”, said Taylor Nelson.

What memories are you hoping to make with the team this year?

“I hope that we can continue to think of each other more as a family rather than just teammates because the bond you have with your team is unlike anything else”, said Taylor Nelson.

What are you going I miss most about your senior year tennis?

“I think the thing I am going to miss most as a senior is the competitiveness of the sport and the same love that everyone on the team shares for tennis”, said Taylor Nelson.

Player interview of Megan Hackett:

Megan has played for Varsity all four years of her high school experience making it to state every yearwith her team. Megan enjoys the team atmosphere and always give 105% on the court and off the court. Her freshman, Sophomore, Junior year Megan always played line 3 coming in clutch with a huge win for Woodstock to pull it out 3-2 every year to advance in state. This year will be a different challenge for Megan Hackett while she makes a huge leap forward to line 2 singes, which will definitely throw her some different competition throughout the season. Megan will miss the high school tennis team and its atmosphere much as she grew up playing tennis with most the girls on the team and has been playing since she was six years old. Megan has decided to pursue her tennis career and play in college she is very excited for what the future holds for her.

What accomplishments are you trying to achieve this year?

“I hope to be able to help the team make it to state and past the sweet sixteen this year”, said Megan Hackett.

Are you confident with this year’s team?

“I am very confident with the team that we have”, said Megan Hackett

What are you going to miss most about your senior year with the tennis team?

“I’m going to miss the love our team has for one another and the experience of playing together as a team and having so much fun on and off the court”, said Megan Hackett


boys team getting the girls hyped up at practice for this years season!!!!!! photo courtesy:Daniela Salame 

How have you prepared yourself for this season this year?

“I’ve prepared this season by continuously playing a lot of tennis and focusing on improving my game”, said Megan Hackett.

A quote I will stand by this season is “in order to succeed we must first believe that we can”. -Meagan Hackett



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