Frozen Waves – Chapter 10

Frigid led the way through the halls of Jade Mountain, the two dragons emerging at one of the smaller entrances near the back of the school. They spread their wings and leapt off the cliffs in unison, letting themselves fall for a short time before spreading their wings and pulling up. Together, they glided over the rocky land around the mountain before Hydro flapped her wings and flew upwards. Frigid quickly followed, the two of them slowly gliding around and performing various loops and twirls in the air. Hydro did, at least, while Frigid decided to simply glide around so he wouldn’t open his wound.


Art by A Flame That Is Amber on Art Enhancers Amino

Hydro whooped and laughed, relishing the feeling of the wind flowing under her wings without a sense of urgency and fear of death behind her. She hadn’t had a chance to fly, just for fun, in a long time. She gathered speed, flying as high as she could before going limp. Frigid let out an un-dragon-like squawk as Hydro sped past him, falling at high speeds. At the last second, before she hit the ground, Hydro spread her wings and let the wind catch them, carrying her back up into the sky. Her heart pounded as adrenaline rushed through her veins. Frigid came up beside her, and the two simply glided for a short while before the sound of the next bell ringing sent them flying back towards the mountain.

“That was a lot of fun!” Hydro smiled. “Thanks for the flight, Frigid.”

“No problem, Hydro, I had fun!” Frigid gave a goofy smile. “See you later?”

“Yeah, see you!” Hydro waved as she headed off to her next class.

As Hydro entered her classroom, the sight of Ice Shard and Copperhead reminded her of their suspicious behavior at lunch. She kept a close eye on the two throughout the class, but they gave no indication that anything had happened between them.

Hydro knew she had to find a way to get the truth out of them. There was no chance Ice Shard would ever talk to her, but… Maybe she could get something out of Copperhead. She would have to wait until their free period, after the next class, so she could talk to her.

And she wouldn’t stop until she had an answer.


Classes seemed to pass as slowly as the seasons as Hydro waited for a chance to talk to Copperhead. As the bell rang for their free period, Hydro quickly intercepted the SandWing before she could run off to who knows where with Ice Shard. “Hey, Copperhead!” Hydro said, acting casual.

“Oh, hey Hydro.” Copperhead smiled. “Need something?”

“Yeah actually,” Hydro made up a lie. “I didn’t quite understand our math work, I was wondering if you could help me out.”

“Math?” Copperhead made a face. “Well, I’m not the best at math but I can certainly do my best.”

“Thanks! Come on, we can work on it in the dorm.” Hydro allowed Copperhead to lead the way so she could keep an eye on her. She didn’t seem to be acting abnormally, and gave no sign that she could actually be an assassin. But Hydro kept her guard up. She wasn’t going to lose this chance.

As the two of them entered the dorm, Hydro grabbed a blank scroll and a quill.

“So… what exactly did you need help with?”

“Um…” Hydro thought for a quick moment, “I needed help with this graphing stuff, the equations are confusing.” She placed the blank scroll on her desk. “Gimme an example equation.”

Hydro let Copperhead “help” her for a few minutes before she began to pry. “So, all the drama lately, huh?” Hydro began.

“What do you mean?” Copperhead asked.

“Well, the supposed assassin that killed Bass and almost killed Frigid.” Hydro flinched as she remembered the teacher that had died. She still felt a little guilty, but she needed to press on.

“O-Oh yeah, all that.” Copperhead said sadly. “It’s really sad. W-Who would do that?”

“I don’t really know.” Hydro lied. “I have a few suspects, but nothing set in stone.”

“R-Really?” Copperhead asked. “W-Who do you suspect?”

“I’m thinking Ice Shard.” Hydro said. Copperhead took a step back, eyes widening a bit.

“I-Ice Shard? Why him?” She stammered.

“I don’t know.” Hydro abandoned the paper and turned to Copperhead, spreading her wings. “You tell me.” Her gaze narrowed.

“W-What? What do you mean? I don’t know anything!” Copperhead backed away from the hybrid, her tail curled protectively in front of her. Hydro knew the venomous barb at the end could kill her in minutes. She had to be careful.


Art by A Flame That Is Amber on Art Enhancers Amino

“Really?” Hydro hissed. “So what was that mission you and Ice Shard were talking about, hmm? Who’s Acid?”

“I-I don’t know what you’re tal-”


Hydro froze and turned her head, seeing a familiar Ice Wing standing at the door.

“Frigid! W-What do you need?” Hydro asked.

“I was just coming to see you, but… What’s going on?”

Hydro turned back to Copperhead, but was unprepared as the smaller SandWing leapt at Hydro. She let out a shriek, expecting the venomous barb to plunge into her heart, but instead Copperhead took the chance to flee. Hydro sat up, growling at the SandWing’s retreating form. There was no way she could trick her into speaking now.

“Moons above, Frigid, I was so close!” She hissed. Frigid flinched, his eyes widening.

“What do you mean?”

“Her and Ice Shard! I suspect them of being the assassins, and I was about to find out!”

“O-Oh…” Frigid’s head drooped. “I’m sorry Hydro, I-I didn’t know.”

Hydro sighed, feeling the tension in her body fading away. “No, it’s okay. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t get angry at you.” She took a deep breath. “I’m gonna follow her and see what she does. I’ll see you later.” Hydro didn’t wait for Frigid’s response as she turned out of the room and took off, her scales shifting until she was near impossible to see. And in her wake, she left a single worried, confused IceWing to think about what had just happened.


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