Black Panther, greatest Marvel movie to date?

Black Panther is a movie following the comic book character of T’Challa as he traverses the obstacles of being a kind, being a diplomat, and more importantly protecting his home and his throne. This movie is one of the rare films to have scored higher than a 95% on rotten tomatoes, before the film was even out it was breaking records. It’s very rare for a movie to live up to or even surpass the hype or fans and the press. But for a film such as black panther it has most definitely lived up to the hype. This film takes place after the events of captain America: civil war, with T’Challa about to become king after the passing of his father earlier in the movie. Black Panther opens with T’Challa’s father meeting a man in a rundown ghetto who we later learn is king T’chaka’s brother, making him T’Challa’s uncle. During this meeting T’Chaka kills his brother in self defense leaving his nephew stranded in America never to see the land of Wakanda so they can maintain their long-held secrecy from the rest of the world.
The opening scene of the movie shows the audience plenty into the background of Wakanda and how they hold themselves as the most advanced nation of the world. The Wakandan nation resides in Africa and is home if the fictional and very valuable metal, vibranium, the thing captain Americas shield is made from. Not only is the metal only found in Wakanda the metal grants them a technological boost over the rest of the world. They use the metal from everything such as a power source for their cities, a healing method, the bases of their weaponry, and of course the source of the black panther’s suit. The nation has been around since the beginning of time and had decided to hide itself from the rest of the world since its conception.
To the rest of the world Wakanda is just another poor African nation, this gives the Wakandan kings a seat in world meetings and allows them inside the world infrastructure from behind the scenes. This secrecy has led them to prosper while the rest of the African nation was ransacked throughout the slave trade and other nations taking its natural resources. During all of history Wakanda was there, but no one that saw it lived long enough to tell anyone. This is the basis of the entire film with T’Challa following in his father’s footsteps and those of the kings before him in keeping the nation of Wakanda hidden and in the shadows much like a panther. While Wakanda was prospering the African nation and the slaves that lived there that later became African Americas are still struggling today, and its because of this that Marvel brings us its most complex villain with a moral scheme that tugs at even the most set minded people.
Erik “Killmonger” is the nephew to king T’Chaka that was left behind in America. All his life his father told him of his homeland the Wakanda empire and how they were so powerful, that one day they would cone back and show themselves to the world as the powerhouse they have always been. After Erik’s father was killed by T’Chaka he made his way through multiple foster homes before going into the military as a special force, black ops, operative. Every kill that Erik got, he branded on his body earning him the name Killmonger. Killmonger is a direct opposition of T’Challa and the Wakandan empire and he wants to use the Wakandan technology and weaponry to finally help the African nation and all black people around the world, claiming if Wakanda had stepped in from the beginning history would have been written with Wakanda at the forefront. This mentality goes against what Wakanda is about in every way, but while T’Challa wants to keep secrecy like his father others on the Wakandan council want to finally have Wakanda’s true power shown, one stating “soon this world will those who are ruled and those who rule”.
Erik’s makes his way to Wakanda flipping everything they know on their head, and he paints a picture of the king they once worshiped as a coward, and he challenges T’Challa to a duel for the thrown. Wakanda which is still deeply rooted in African culture allows anyone appointed from one of the five Wakandan tribes to challenge for the throne… or any blood relative. To make the fight fair for any challenger the power of the black panther is stripped, and they fight to submission or death with the winner being granted the throne. This fight shows us exactly why Kill-monger lives up to his name. With a torso, arms, and back all being covered in brands from kills and a fighting style of a pure animal. The fight quickly turns from fair to a full in slaughter with Killmonger easily earning more strikes and flesh wounds on T’Challa while addressing the onlooking Wakandan empire with “IS THIS YOUR KING”. Before finally throwing a beaten and half dead T’Challa off a waterfall. Erik now as king and is granted the powers of the black panther along with the suit made of vibranium decides to send Wakandan tech and weapons to every popular African American influenced city claiming, “the sun will never set on the Wakanden empire again!”. All the while T’Challa survived the encounter with Killmonger and reunited with his powers and suit he returns to finish the duel for the throne. Knowing he could not best Killmonger in a straight fight he outsmarts him by weakening his armor before plunging a blade into his chest with kill-monger only stating, “nice move”. With the sun setting on the Wakanden empire T’Challa takes Erik to a cliff over looking the city so he can finally see the beautiful place his father always told him about. T’Challa tells Erik that there is still time for him to be saved with his response being “so I can be put in chains? Nah.”. He then delivers the most powerful sentence that left audiences everywhere speechless, “bury me in the ocean with my ancestors that jumped from ships, because they knew death was better than bondage.”. Then removing the blade from his own chest Erik “Killmonger” dies. The final closing scenes include T’Challa buying the ghettos from the beginning if the claiming this is going to be the first Wakanda outreach center allowing his sister to oversee the process, the movie ends with T’Challa having a press conference with the worlds leaders on national television finally admitting to Wakanda’s true power to unite all nations and move pass the past.
My opinion for this movie was that it exceeded the hype that I had. The message, the cast, the plot, the villain all the ingredients to make a great movie. The plot never felt dull with action that flowed with the tone of the movie, and comedy aspects that never seemed forced. To be honest as a marvel movie this film played its part better than past films. Where most marvel movies lack in terms of forgettable villains, cheesy one liners and questionable plot holes. This movie has a villain for the ages much like heath ledgers the joker Michael B. Jordan embodies the personality of and the passion of Killmonger. Anytime his character enters the scene he is at the forefront like any good villain with a memorable act it would be hard to top this performance. A villain whose morals and who’s way of thinking make sense if not a little extreme. From the point of view as someone who has seen the harshness of the world from the perspective of African American male he knows exactly how hard it is to survive in this word. He’s a villain who you tears at your heart you want to see him win but you want to see the hero win and in the end you can’t help but feel bad for him. Michael B. Jorden blew this performance out of the water and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the second person to win best actor for a villain.
This movie was stellar critics and audiences alike all say the same thing this movie was great.
“The movie was amazing 12/10 I would defiantly recommend!” (Hunter Lenard, junior Woodstock High)
“I’ve seen this movie 3 times already and ill defiantly see it again, it’s that addicting.” (Randy Nguyen, freshman Georgia state)
“It’s probably one of the best marvel movies.” (Dylan Burkhalter, junior Woodstock High)
“It was a cool movie, 7.5/10” (Carson Clark, senior Woodstock High)

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