Staff writer: Alonna Wood

Woodstock girl’s tennis team defeats Kell high school for their first victory of the season and their first ever win against kell in the past couple of years for the girls, winning overall with a total score of 3-2 Woodstock pulled it out.

Lineup for match against kell high school:

Line 1 singles: Alonna Wood

Line 2 singles: Megan Hackett

Line 3 singles: Gillian Bosko

Line 1 doubles: Taylor nelson and Katelynn Hackett

Line 2 doubles: Lorelai Wood and Makenzie Englert

With Makenzie Englert and Lorelai Wood at two doubles winning 6-0 6-0, Taylor Nelson and Katelynn Hackett winning in a third set, and Alonna Wood being the last one on the


Alonna Wood and coach Deweese talking after the second set going into the third . Photo courtsey: Daniela Salame

court at 2-2 pulled it out for the Woodstock girls tennis team in full third set winning 6-4, 4-6, 5-4 to put the


Kateylnn Hackett serving for the third set match point to defeat Kell. Photo courtesy: Daniela Salame

Woodstock girls on top to defeat Kell high school.

Player interviews:

Mackenzie Englert:


Makenzie Englert serves it up. Photo courtesy: Daniela Salame

Mackenzie Englert is new talent added to this year’s Woodstock girl’s tennis team and the girls couldn’t be more excited to have her be a part of the team.

How do you feel you andyour partner worked together on the court?

“Lorelai and I have known each other a very long time and I feel that’s a really big part in being a team on the court is the chemistry behind you and your partner, we know where each other are on the court at all times and communicate very well without ever getting confused.”

What keeps you and your partners head up on the court when down in a game?

” We tend to always have a lot of positivity on the court, we never let each other get down on ourselves. We like to work as team and most importantly have fun with it!”

How do you think you and your partner will do the rest of the season?

“I have much confidence in Lorelai and me this season, I know we will do the best we can and bring our game each and every match no matter what and play to the best of our ability each match.”

How do you see the team doing in region coming up?

“Kell has always been one of our harder matches I would say it’s probably the second toughest all around, and considering we beat them for our first match of the season, I see this team winning region this year. I have so much confidence for this team because we all work as one and have a bond like no other which is most important in my opinion.”


Megan Hackett:

Megan Hackett is the teams Line 2 singles player playing varsity all four years


Megan Hackett and her team mate Taylor Nelson photo courtesy: Daniela Salame

of her high school carrier. Megan enjoys the team atmosphere and always give 105% on the court and off the court. Her freshman, Sophomore, Junior year Megan always played line 3 coming in clutch with a huge win for Woodstock to pull it out 3-2 every year to advance in state. This year will be a different challenge for Megan Hackett. After playing her first match of the season she gave me her insight on it.

How do you feel your first match of the season went?

” My first match was a good start, it really opened my eyes as too what this season is going to be about. I have never played line 2 singles before, so this is defiantly a great leap forward for me. I love the competition and I can’t wait to have more matches like this one!”

How do you think the team worked together to beat kell?

“with our team we have our days, when some of us aren’t having the best day the other ones lift us up, which is what a team is all about. Our team really show that, we work as one. To beat Kell we needed to work as a team the most because it was our first match, many of us went in very nervous and the rest of our team had our backs in the end.”

Where do you see this team going in region?

” I think we can do it!!! I know we can do it, I have so much love and desire for this team and I see us doing big things to represent Woodstock high school.”

What is your teams next competition?

“we play creek view next, they are not a region match, but we will go in and play as if it was!”


The Woodstock Girls tennis team has a very good season ahead of them already starting out 1-0 and it’s not even region yet!








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