Frozen Waves – Chapter 11

Hydro wasted no time in tracking down Copperhead. The SandWing’s bright yellow scales stuck out against the dark browns and greys of the stone caves. Copperhead kept glancing backwards, as if waiting for Hydro to attack, but couldn’t see the hybrid as she sped after her. Hydro stayed as silent as possible, making sure to avoid other dragons in the halls, and even taking flight a few times to avoid large buildups of students. She almost lost sight of Copperhead as she suddenly turned to one of the exits, taking flight and heading towards one of the other nearby mountains. Confused, Hydro spread her wings and followed.
Copperhead veered off to the right, banking around Jade Mountain in a slow loop before diving towards a well-hidden cave in the rocks. Hydro folded her wings in and sped after her, the wind whistling in her ears and biting at her eyes. She was thankful when she finally landed just outside the cave, keeping her footsteps silent on the loose stones around it. Peeking her head in to the cave, she saw Copperhead approaching the back, with Ice Shard near her. Obviously he had been waiting for her to show up.
“It’s… worse than we thought.” Copperhead began unsteadily.
“Spit it out, Copper.” Ice Shard snapped.
“Ice Shard,” A new voice spoke. A second SandWing emerged from the shadows. Unlike Copperhead, his face was lighter than sand and his belly was almost gold. The thick scales covering his neck and body fell somewhere between, and the thin membrane across his head and back was a scorched red.
“Be nice to Copperhead.” He said, his voice filled with scorn. “She wasn’t… cut out for this.” He cast a disapproving glance at the young SandWing, his eyes narrowing. Copperhead shrunk back, wrapping her tail close to her body.
“Enough, all of you.” A fourth voice said, and again from the shadows came a massive SandWing. It was near impossible to see his colors, but some features caught Hydro’s attention. Namely, the missing right wing and the half-melted face, as if someone had poured acid on it.


By A Flame That Is Amber from AEA

A RainWing must have done that, Hydro thought to herself.
“It doesn’t matter how Ice Shard treats your sister, Scorpion, or how she feels about it.” He glared at Copperhead. “What matters is that she does what needs to be done when we tell her to.” He stepped closer to the small SandWing. “What did you need to say.”
“Hydro,” Copperhead said nervously. “She’s onto us. She confronted me in the dorm room and started interrogating me about Bass and Frigid.”
Hydro’s eyes narrowed angrily. So it was them… She thought.
“How did she know.” The damaged SandWing questioned. “Who gave it away!”
“I-I dont know!” Copperhead cowered below the massive SandWing, her wings trembling. “We didn’t tell anybody, I swear it!”
“This damn hybrid…” The massive SandWing hissed. “She needs to be dealt with.” He turned to Ice Shard. “I’ll leave it to you.”
“Yes sir, Acid.” Ice Shard nodded solemnly.
Acid! Hydro’s eyes widened. This is Acid…
Ice Shard turned and spread his wings, rocketing out of the cave. Hydro almost lost her footing on the rocks as he barreled past, and the was thankful for her disguise keeping her out of sight. She watched him fly off before turning back to the cave.
“Scorpion, you and your sister will continue as normal. Ensure nobody else finds out about our plans.” He growled. “And when Polar comes to the school, you two will eliminate him.” He narrowed his eyes. “Don’t let me down.”
“But what if he doesn’t come?” Copperhead asked nervously.
“Oh, he will.” Acid snarled. “After the letter was sent about his son being attacked, he’ll come to check on him. And while he’s distracted with Frigid, we’ll move in.” Acid flicked his tail. “Now go. And don’t get caught.”
The two young SandWings nodded and took flight out of the cave, and Hydro followed suit.
Who is the IceWing they’re talking about? Hydro asked herself as she flew. Polar… did they say he was Frigid’s father?
Her mind was scrambled and flooded with questions as she landed back at the school, folding her wings in and fading back in to view now that she was safe. She quickly ran in to the caves just as the bell rang- she realized she had missed one of her classes, but didn’t care much. She was onto something much bigger here.

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