Frozen Waves – Chapter 12

Hydro quickly lost sight of Copperhead in the crowd of students who were excitedly leaving their classes, rushing through the hallways to meet up with friends or head to their next period. She had no choice but to let the tide of dragons sweep her along until she reached her next class, managing to slip through the entrance to the cavern. She was thankful Frigid was in this class- she’d be able to tell him what she learned.
Or should I? Hydro thought, suddenly stopping. A bump from a dragon behind her forced her forward again as she walked towards her chair. He’ll just be an anxious mess, but… I can’t not tell him. He needs to know his dad is in danger.
With grim determination, Hydro approached Frigid and sat in the seat next to him. “Frigid,” she hissed quietly so as to not catch anyone’s attention.
“Hydro?” Frigid glanced over at her. “Whats up?”
“Keep your voice down and listen.” She began. “Polar is in danger.”


Art by Kylee Jones

Frigid’s face morphed from confusion to shock. “M-My dad? How do you know him? What’s wrong?”
“I followed Copperhead to a hidden cave. She, Ice Shard, and Scorpion were there, along with another SandWing named Acid.” She explained. “Acid has some vendetta against Polar. They wanted to kill you to lure him out to Jade Mountain and kill him here.”
Polar sat in a shocked silence for a few moments before he finally processed what Hydro has said. “So… Polar is coming here?”
Hydro nodded, looking anxiously over her shoulder as she saw Copperhead and Ice Shard walk in. The dark IceWing sent a cold glare at the hybrid, sending icy chills of fear rippling through her spine. Copperhead, however, hid behind her comrade, keeping her head low and not meeting Hydro’s gaze.
Frigid took notice of their actions and glanced down as Hydro, seeing her returning Ice Shards glare with equal ferocity. “This is bad…” He sighed. “I just came here to learn, dad just wanted me here for the sake of upping his social status. He won’t care if I’m actually hurt, he just wants to make sure I’m not dead so that he can stay in the third circle.”
“Third circle?” Hydro asked.
“IceWing social status.” Frigid explained. “First is the highest, seventh is the lowest.”
Hydro gave a short whistle. “So he’s pretty highly ranked then.” She guessed.
“Yeah…” Frigid sighed. “He sent me here because having a child as a student at Jade Mountain would make him more well-known and allow him to maybe reach the second circle. At that point, he’d get to live in the palace.” The chilly dragonet gave a quick snort. “He also wanted me to try and meet one of the higher ranking IceWing dragonets here and woo them to up my own rank.” His teeth gritted. “But that was only if me and Crystal didn’t work out.” He spat the name like venom in his mouth.
“Crystal?” Hydro tilted her head, wrapping her tail around Frigid’s to calm him down. “Who’s Crystal?”
“Only the most annoying IceWing in the entire world. She never stops talking, and keeps calling me her ‘hubby’ or whatever. I only tolerate her because she makes the most amazing food.”


Art by Kylee Jones

Hydro nodded. “And she’s a high circle, I’m guessing.”
“First circle.” Frigid said. “So yeah, dad wants me to marry her. I couldn’t imagine having to spend more than an hour with her at a time- I’d go mad!”
Hydro nodded thoughtfully. “So your dad coming here will be for nothing… We need to make sure he doesn’t die, somehow.”
“Well, how will we go about that?” Frigid asked in a whisper. “It’s not like we know of the assassins exact plans.”
“No… But we might be able to find out.” Hydro’s eyes began to sparkle as a plan formed.
“How?” Frigid inquired. “It’s not like they’ll tell us.”
“But we could make a plan. What if I disguised as an IceWing and pretended to be your new girlfriend. We could stay close to Polar and protect him if he’s attacked, and maybe even catch one of the assassins.”
“That’s all well and fine, Hydro, but you don’t know the first thing about IceWing culture. How well could you fake it?”
“Frigid, I’m a RainWing. We’re experts in acting. Just teach me and I’ll remember, I promise.” She gave a determined nod. “We’ll protect your father and stop Acid before he can hurt any more dragons. I swear it.”
Frigid looked hesitant for a moment, but one look in to Hydro’s burning yellow eyes gave him the confidence he needed. Sitting up straighter, he nodded as well. “Alright. We’ll do it.”
And together, they began to detail out the plan. A plan just risky enough that it might work.

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