Life Saving Donations

Section Writer: Hannah Suh

Woodstock High School has been given the opportunity to host a spring blood drive with American Red Cross on March 15. Last fall, Woodstock High School was given this opportunity, and with it they were able to help many people with the assist of the many brave, giving students. We hope that this year our blood donations will help those who really need it.

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1st pic: DECA sign up sheet for blood drive. Photo courtesy of: Ashley Watkins

2nd pic: Blood drive poster with information. Photo courtesy of: Ashley Watkins

Donating blood once can save the life of a person in this world. Many people think that it is not a big deal since it is just blood and not something big, like an organ, but they do not understand that one pint of blood can save someone just as much as an organ. Many people need blood for things such as surgeries or studies on certain illnesses.


Information and guidelines about donating blood. Photo courtesy of: Obtained by Ashley Watkins

The blood donation process is very easy, taking up to only 8-10 minutes. You will be checked for proper papers, given a mini physical, and having blood drawn. The certified nurses will take a sterile needle and draw blood from your arm, making sure to answer any questions and make you as relaxed as possible. After donating a pint, it is suggested to rest for 10-15 minutes, eating and drinking in order to regain strength. In just a few minutes you can give someone the gift of their life.

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The gymnasium where the blood drives at Woodstock High School are held. Photo courtesy of: Ashley Watkins

There are many students at Woodstock High School who are eligible donate blood through American Red Cross. In order to be eligible to donate blood, you must be at least 17, or 16 with a parent’s consent, weigh at least 110 lbs, and in a healthy condition. For males, you must be at least 5’1” , while for females you must be at least 5’5”. These requirements are in order to ensure the safety of the donor and the receiver.

Some of our amazing Woodstock students, Averie McDaniel, a sophomore, and Briston Green, a sophomore, and Stephen Klein, a sophomore, helped me get a better understanding of the reason behind the whole blood drive:

Why did you decide to donate blood to Red Cross?

Averie:  “I knew that it would benefit others and it felt good knowing that I am able to help save someone’s life by donating.”

Briston: “I decided to donate because I knew it was for a good cause and could help someone in need.”

Stephen: “I decided to donate blood because I knew it was for a good cause and could possibly save someone’s life in the future.”

Would you encourage others to donate blood?

Averie: “Yes I would because it can really help someone in need and is a great cause.”

Briston: “Yes, It was a great experience and it’s not nearly as bad as some people may think, so everyone should try it.”

Stephen: “I would encourage others to donate blood because it can help save lives and is not as scary as it seems.”

Have you ever donated blood before this year, and do you plan on donating in the future again?

Averie: “No, I have never done it before, but yes I would do it again!”

Briston: “No, this was my first time and I will definitely do it again.”

Stephen: “I have never donated blood before and I definitely plan on doing it again in the future.”

How did you feel about donating your own blood?

Averie: “I liked donating but it was a little stressful because they couldn’t find the vein on my arm and couldn’t let me donate as much as everyone else because it wasn’t working, but it was still very exciting!”

Briston: “I enjoyed donating even though I was a little stressed at first.”

Stephen: “I felt pretty relaxed about donating blood until right before the needle went in but it is under control and you are in professional hands so there is no need to worry.”

Donating blood can be very stressful at first. It definitely is not the most fun experience, but in the end you can see that people enjoyed it and got the satisfaction of being able to help others with their donations. It is a very important process, so Red Cross provides professionals to draw the blood from the students. After the process is over, they provide food in order to help you regain your strength. Not only do you get rewarded with food, but you also get to know that you saved someone’s life just then.


You can also donate blood in other events held in Atlanta. Photo courtesy of: obtained by Ashley Watkins

Donating blood is so important and many people do not even know how important it is. So many people need blood in order to perform surgeries, which can save their lives, and in order to keep them stable. Donating blood might seem like a small task that can just be ignored, but it is something that people need badly. We are all so thankful for those who do donate, such as our excellent students at Woodstock High School, and many others. Hopefully next year more people will be willing to donate and save lives!

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