March Golf and Soccer

Staff Writer: Matthew Sanchez

Lead Story: The Woodstock boys soccer has had a very good start to the season.  The team has very good chemistry as most players are two, three, or four-year players. Woodstock senior and three-year varsity player,  The captains are seniors Griffin Dominguez and Noah Martinez. Noah Martinez said, “We have a lot of talent this year and I like the way we are playing so far.”

In case you missed it: As the month is coming to an end, their record is 6-4-1. On March 23 the team had a very good 2-1 win over a very god Lassiter team.

Wolverine of the month: Riley Clay has played soccer for the Wolverines for 3 years and he loves it. He is always looking to help the team and enjoys the program.

Quotable: Riley Clay said that “We have started off the season pretty good and I hope we can continue this. I think our captains can are doing very well and lead us to a strong season.”

Lead Story: The Woodstock girls’ soccer team has had a rough season so far. They are in a tough region and have had to go through many different obstacles. Although they only have one win, coach Jenae Rose is proud of how they have fought. Coach Rose said, “I feel like we are slowly starting to figure it out and I think we have a strong chance to get some wins soon.” They have had 3 ties so far this season as well. With all the young players on the team, coach Rose says she can tell they are improving. With all the young, new players, they are finally starting to realize who play well with each other. Lauren Neville, Bella Gaudette, and Anna Gustafson have been having very good seasons so far. The team went through a challenge when they lost two players and a third out to illness.  said that

In case you missed it: The team had very good games against Roswell and Lassiter. After competing well in these games even though they lost. This gave the team confidence and knows that they could play with top-ranked high school teams.

Wolverine of the month: Woodstock junior and soccer player, Jessica Guevar, has been a 3 year varsity player and is always working. She loves the sport and loves her team.

Quotable: Jessica said, “this has been a tough season so far as we only have one win, but I think we are progressively getting better and have a chance at getting a few more wins before the season ends.”

Lead Story: The Woodstock men’s golf team has had a tough season, not because of their performance but because of the weather.  There have been very bad weather conditions, a lot of rain and wind. Coach Kelly Burke said, “The weather conditions were rainy and blustery wind, but the team kept grinding to shoot a solid team score of 326.” On Monday, March 26, they had a battle against Sequoyah and came out on top by beating them by four strokes with the score being 176-172. Benjamin Fey led the team with a score of 38. He has had a very good season so far.

In case you missed it: The team took a trip to Jekyll Island and did not have their best performance at the Johnny Paulk Invitational. However, the team bounced back and played very well at the LaFayette Invitational the week after. They tied for 6 place and Garron Terrell was named to the All- Tournament Team with a score of a 74.

Wolverine of the month: Drew Brennan is in his third year on the golf team. He is a very dedicated player who is always working hard.

Quotable: “I love playing on this team and I think we have a good chance at succeding this year.”

Lead Story: The Woodstock girls golf team has had a tough start, but they are not doing bad.   Ellie Skeen is the number 1 player this year in which she has been playing very well this year. Coach Anita Dodd said that “All 4 of our players keep improving every day and I think we can be one of the best teams in the region.” Last season was one of our best seasons ever as we had the number 1 player in the 7A region. This year the team will not be as good, but they hope to return to state and prove their strength. They are in a tough region, just like every other year, but as of now they stand in the middle of the region.

In case you missed it: They began the season by beating Cherokee, then placed 13 in the White County tournament. So far this season the team has two victories, Cherokee and Etowah, two loses against Cherokee and Roswell, and have placed second twice.

Wolverine of the Month: Maggie Ziegler is in her second year on the varsity soccer team and she is doing very well. She has improved a lot and keeps on getting better.

Quotable: “We had a good start as we won our first match of the season. We have been working hard at the range to keep getting better and try to win some more. We really want to win county this year.”



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